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Inspired by his personal story of recovery and desire to help the others, David Vieau founded Turnbridge in 2003. Since the founding date, Turnbridge operates as a nationally recognized program for young men and women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Turnbridge does not consider its services as an inpatient rehab or a recovery center, but rather as a preparative care program. The goal of such approach is not bringing a patient to the previous state before the addiction but facilitating the process of emergence. Set in New Haven, Connecticut, Turnbridge offers young men’s program and young women’s program in its facilities.

Turnbridge: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

As stated, Turnbridge bases its treatments on as they call it, preparative care. Preparative care is a three-phased program which consists of therapy, experience, and structured living, where the goal is to take the patient to a life beyond addiction, and not return the patient to a life before it. As such, Turnbridge respectively addresses all aspects of physical and mental residential living, treats both drug and alcohol addictions alongside psychiatric disorders, and provides family recovery, physical recreation, cultural enrichment, and educational planning. Each patient, regardless of the phase of preparative care they are in, participates in a service tailored to meet their and the needs of their families.

Three stages of young men’s program are: Showing up for life; Planning for life; and Living life. Young women’s program consists of following three steps: Reconnection; Reintegration; and Revitalization. Both gender-responsive residential programs provide a full mind, body, and spirit recovery to young ones whose addiction affects their physical, mental, and emotional health. Both programs support dialectical behavior, cognitive behavior, and trauma-informed therapies, and psychological, psycho-social and physiological assessment and treatment. Whether in men’s or women’s program, Turnbridge provides its patients with following services:

  • Case management
  • Clinical care
  • Family program
  • Holistic, recreational, and cultural activities
  • Health and wellness
  • 12-step immersion
  • Education
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Trauma treatment

Turnbridge: Facilities and Extras

Young men and women reside in a different facility depending on the phase of a preparative care they are in, which means that patients are changing their setting as they are moving towards the full recovery. However, all of Turnbridge’s facilities radiate the quality, attention to detail and beauty that the staff asks from patients to see in themselves. All of the houses are in or around New Haven’s community. A unique combination of urban and suburban environments that New Haven offers appears to be an ideal setting for Turnbridge’s program, as the center believes that being integrated into the world rather than isolated from it is what helps the patients to recover. Additionally, all residential houses are in the proximity to nature, culture, and education, which enhances Turnbridge’s therapies.

All facilities for young men and young women are manors and mansions, many of historical significance, luxuriously and stylistically equipped and decorated.

Even though Turnbridge treats all aspects of patient’s’ health and lives respectively, it at the same separates the residential living from clinical care. Patients leave their residences and commute a short distance to attend clinical therapies at the clinical facility in New Haven.

Rules and Regulations at Turnbridge

Turnbridge’s programs are gender-specific, where men and women attend their treatments separately. Admissions Representatives were once Turnbridge’s attendees themselves; hence the admission process is equally comprehensive as the treatments. Both young men and young women programs have two fee components: residential and clinical. Residential fees are not covered by insurance as they include monthly costs of residential services at each phase of the preparative care program. Fees for clinical services can be covered by insurance, while for clients without it, Turnbridge offers a discount.


Turnbridge operates for more than a decade and serves young men and women who lost their paths to addiction. Set in both relaxing and vibrant environment of New Haven, known for its quality service and success rate, Turnbridge finds a new road to lifelong sobriety for the young ones.

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