Stonington Institute, North Stonington, Connecticut

Old Lighthouse Museum in Stonington, CT
75 Swantown Hill Road
North Stonington, CT, 06359

Overview of Stonington Institute

Stonington Institute is a behavioral health facility located in North Stonington which was originally founded in 1957 not as Stonington Institute but as Starlight Farms. Functioning for over 61 years, it has expanded to provide a range of treatments to its patients struggling with substance abuse, addiction, and co-occurring disorder. Stonington Institute offers inpatient treatment to adolescents, adults, and veterans.
Stonington Institute also offers outpatient services with patients who suffer from alcohol or substance abuse/addictions. Their programs also include anger management groups. This facility provides buprenorphine and detoxification services to its clients. Treatments may be short-term or long-term. Their mission is “to provide superior behavioral health care. Service”. Their service to their patients are normally individualized and they focus on each and every patient administered there. They even went as far as possible to create a military program in which veterans and or military personnel are treated for substance abuse or post-traumatic stress from war memories.
This institution is no doubt a great one and their staffs are very good at their jobs. They are very careful, patient and understanding with their clients.

Accommodation and Food at Stonington Institute

Stonington Institute has about 45 beds in total which is available for both male and females but they do share different dorms. The number of patients each room contains are between two to four and they twin beds. In each room, there are basic amenities made available and these include small desks, dressers, and even a shared closet. Bathrooms are shared, and they are also neat and well equipped to meet up the current standard. Stonington Institute also has an exercise studio, a therapy home, and also a common sitting room which inmates can watch Television when needed to. This makes clients have that ”homely” feeling while fighting the basics of their substance abuse.
Stonington Institute has a kitchen and a cafeteria in which three square meals are served every day. Overall, Stonington Institute puts their patients well being and recovery to heart and therefore, it is one of the best substance abuse facility in North Stonington.

Treatment Options at Stonington Institute

Stonington Institute, like most rehab centers, starts off their admitted patients with psychological assessments and after that, they are directed to their developed treatment plans. They are given a carefully arranged schedule of group and individual therapy which has been proven to work over the past few years. The treatment period lasts for about 28 days and each client would have programs slightly different from the other ones. Their treatment also incorporated:

  • 12-step recovery
  • Medication management
  • Dual diagnosis support

Their group section goes through a lot of topics including:

  • Spirituality
  • Trigger management
  • Psychoeducation
  • Trauma processing
  • Relapse prevention etc.

Therapy Choices at the Stonington Institute

Apart from residential treatments given to participants, Stonington facility offers PHP(Partial Hospitalization Program), IOP(Intensive Outpatient program) and also an aftercare program which is open to both civilians and military personnel. Patients undergoing this form of treatments partner up with staff members to find a local sober housing which would be used during treatment. Client’s who have completed their primary care program can also apply for a decrease in participation as a form of aftercare.
Other options of holistic therapy include:

  • Art and music therapy
  • Yoga
  • Martial arts etc.

Payment Options and Insurances

They accept almost any form of payment. They accept cash, Chequers, Visa or MasterCard and third-party payment. They also accept military insurance for veterans, private insurance from insurance companies and also Medicare.


Stonington Institute is accredited by the joint commission and is also recognized as one of the best rehab facilities in Stonington.

Stonington Institute Advantages

Founded in 1957, Stonington Institute has been operating for over 61 years of service providing its participants with experienced services. Most patients who are administered to this facility have been proven to show positive results within the next one week and this facility is one in which most doctors around Connecticut would recommend to their patients.

Staff at Stonington Institute

William A. Aniskovich

As the CEO of Stonington Institute, Williams has always been one who could handle the general affairs of the facility. He joined in 1995 and since then, he has influenced a significant growth in the institute’s inpatient programs since 1999. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Catholic University of America located in Washington, D.C. He also has a Master’s and a law degree from the University of Virginia. Williams was once a state senator and his obligation have always been to provide tangible services to his clients. So far, he has been doing a great job and the services provided by Stonington Institute is proof of his work.

Andrea Keeney
Director of Admissions

Beginning her career in 2001, Andrea is the director of admissions in Stonington Institute. She was once an intake coordinator from 2001 till 2014 and has been promoted because she has been doing a really good job. She has both a Bachelor’s Degree and a masters in psychology.

Jennifer Kelley
Director of Human Resources

Jennifer has been the Director for Human Resources at Stonington Institute for over 9 years. She holds a Management Degree from Dominican college and also a Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Connecticut state university. She has been so dedicated with her work and as a result of that, patients are very comfortable working alongside with her.

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