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Boynton Beach, FL, USA
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The Watershed Overview

The Watershed is a healthcare facility that focuses on providing patients with highly effective addiction treatment programs. The company promotes their facilities as a place where patients can start to heal – and ultimately reclaim their lives, walking out free of any addictions. The company has multiple facilities available that can be utilized by patients suffering from addictions to help them become “clean” and help them get on the right track in life.
All centers are open 24/7 and are supervised to ensure patients can obtain appropriate health care services that they need to overcome their addictions. All of The Watershed’s facilities are also fully licensed and employs licensed and trained staff members to ensure the highest level of care can be provided to every patient that needs help.
The company has introduced different types of addiction treatment programs, which they will be assigned to once a clinician has determined the type of addiction and the severity of the patient’s individual case.

Housing at The Watershed

Programs offered by The Watershed can be either outpatient or inpatient. All of the facilities that have been opened by this company offer housing for patients that require inpatient or residential treatment services, allowing them to be monitored 24/7 for a more effective approach to overcoming their drug and alcohol addictions.
Currently, the inpatient facilities available can house up to 184 patients in total. Several inpatient programs are available that offers the patient access to one of these facilities – including detoxification programs, treatments, and rehabilitation plans.

Treatment Options at The Watershed

Multiple treatment programs have been established by The Watershed in order to provide specialty care for the patients that require help with their addictions. Programs are offered for a variety of addictions, including alcohol, drug, heroin, methamphetamine, opioid, marijuana, and cocaine addiction.

Medical Detoxification

The majority of patients who are admitted to The Watershed’s addiction rehabilitation centers will usually start with the medical detoxification program. This is an essential step toward a “cleaner” road in life. The medical detoxification program will offer guidance and appropriate treatment that helps the patient quit alcohol, drugs, or whatever they are experiencing an addiction toward. This is done with minimal or no risk to withdrawal symptoms and complications. Withdrawal is often the hardest part when done without any type of medical assistance, and can even lead to dangerous complications.

Inpatient & Residential Rehabilitation

Both of these programs have been tailored to help educate the patient and help them overcome any type of destructive behavior they may experience when they go off drugs or stop using alcohol. These programs are initiated after the patient has undergone the medical detoxification treatment program. Patients are also educated on how they can avoid relapses and how they can continue to stay away from the substances that they have been abusing, even when they feel pressured into using these substances again.

Partial Hospitalization

The next step of The Watershed’s treatment plan is partial hospitalization, where the patient is slowing re-introduced to society and motivated to start living their life once again. During this phase, patients are slowly given responsibilities, as well as independence. On-going therapy sessions are provided to patients in this phase of the treatment.

Intensive Outpatient

After the partial hospitalization phase, patients are allowed to attend school or go to work during the day and requested to attend therapy sessions at night. These therapy sessions will include group therapy and act as a final phase in recovering from an addiction.

Halfway House

Apartments are available at The Watershed’s Halfway House, which provides patients who require access to the continuing care program a way to live in a community and gain back their confidence. A supportive environment is offered to help the patients recover more effectively and to help drive them on the right track, as well as to help them overcome the possibility of a relapse.

Payment Options at The Watershed

The Watershed does not share details on how much their treatment programs cost. They do accept a variety of health insurance plans, including Cigna, BlueCross BlueShield, and Aetna. Patients who are interested in being admitted to The Watershed are asked to give their contact center a call. The patient is advised to have their insurance details on hand – the consultant will then be able to check if the patient’s health insurance policy would cover the programs that are available at The Watershed.
The Watershed does not accept health insurance policies by either Medicaid or Medicare but accepts the majority of private health insurance providers.
No details are provided in regards to setting up a repayment plan for patients who are not covered by a health insurance policy.


The Watershed has been licensed by the Department of Children and Families within Florida. No other details in regards to licenses are provided by the company.

Amenities at The Watershed

All facilities provided by The Watershed to residential patients have access to 24/7 supervision. The institute also has more than two decades of experience in the field and operates a crisis helpline that can provide patients with valuable information over the phone.


The Watershed has a team of highly trained physiatrists that provide therapy to all patients who are admitted to their facilities. The psychiatrists that are currently in operation at these facilities include:

  • Dr. Peter Theodoropoulos
  • Dr. Theresa Bui
  • Dr. Jared Heathman

The facilities also have a number of medical doctors available to assist in the treatment of physical symptoms and complications.

Why The Watershed

The Watershed offers patients with addiction problems a chance to overcome their addictions and start living a cleaner life. The institute now has three facilities available to patients and provides both inpatient and outpatient services. Several programs have been designed to help address the specific needs of the patient, including an effective detoxification program that helps patients give up alcohol and drugs without carrying the same risks associated with the withdrawal when done without any medical supervision.

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