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Lifeskills South Florida Overview

Lifeskills South Florida, located in the city of Deerfield Beach, Florida in Broward County is a treatment facility for adult men and women over the ages of 18 dealing with substance abuse and mental health disorders. The center began since the year 1991 and s since provided treatment services for persons suffering not just from chemical dependency but also trauma and psychiatric-based disorders. The programs offered at the center are personalized, evidence-based (Dialectical Behavior Therapy, etc.), and seek to help each patient develop living skills which eases their transition back into society. For patients dealing with dual diagnosis disorders such as anxiety, thought, and depressive disorders the facility offers a dual diagnosis program overseen by Masters-level staff and primary therapists. The center bases its treatment on a holistic approach whereby patients receive a comprehensive treatment experience through various models of therapy and healing such as yoga, physical fitness, and psychological testing. Additionally, the facility offers a therapeutic-approach, family support program for family members dealing with substance abuse issues. The facility offers various levels of care including transitional living programs, residential treatment programs, and outpatient treatment programs. Clients are usually advised to receive treatment for a minimum of 60 days although the length of stay is usually determined by the needs and wants of the clients.

Accommodation & Food

The facility is located at the Deerfield Beach and provides a peaceful, serene environment for recovery. The center is also spacious, comfortable, well-furnished, and equipped with a hotel size pool. Clients reside in semi-private accommodation (residents have about three to four roommates) although accommodation can usually be made for private accommodation. The facility is also staffed with behavioral health technicians who provide assistance. The center does not allow the use of personal electronic items and advises clients to bring no more than 10-12 outfits.
Residents at the facility are required to do their own grocery shopping and cook their own food.

Treatment & Therapy

The center offers some treatment and therapy services depending on the unique needs of the client. Some of these are:

  • Residential treatment program
  • Transitional living program
  • Outpatient program

Residential Treatment

The goal of the residential treatment program is to help patients adapt new, effective coping skills while helping them transition back to the daily routine of their lives. The treatment program focuses on long-term recovery and offers comprehensive clinical treatment. Client-centered care is the basis of this program and clients are usually involved in therapy, education, volunteer service, relapse prevention groups, and other forms of treatment.

Transitional Living Program

This program is designed for patients who have completed the residential treatment program but still need structured, supervised living support while attending outpatient programs. The clients are taught to be independent and engage in productive activities like work or volunteer services during their first few weeks of stay.

Outpatient Program

The center’s outpatient program can be Intensive Outpatient or traditional outpatient. The intensive outpatient program involves 10 hour weekly treatments within an 8-12 week period while the outpatient program offers 4 hours of treatment every week within the same time frame.
The following are a list of conditions treated at the facility:

  • Substance addiction
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Depressive disorder
  • Thought disorders
  • Anxiety disorders

Therapy Options

The facility offers various options of therapy which include:

  • Trauma therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family sessions
  • Relapse prevention
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (CBT)
  • Cognitive Remediation Therapy
  • Experiential therapy


Lifeskills South Florida costs approximately $18,100 for a 30-day treatment at the facility but this amount is subject to change as it is greatly dependent on the type of treatment and level of care a client requires. The facility, as at this time, does not accept insurance, therefore, Medicare and Medicaid are not accepted. The facility accepts out-of-network providers and clients can contact the facility to verify benefits. Interested clients will have to bring cash, checks, or credit cards on admission as a method of payment for treatment. Clients are advised to contact the facility for more information on payment and admission.


The facility is accredited by the CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and the NATSAP (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs).

Lifeskills South Florida Advantages

The facility offers recreational and holistic therapies such as mindfulness meditation, yoga, a basketball court to encourage physical activities, a local gym in the area for clients to be fit but physically and mentally, and many more. Transportation is made available three times a week to and fro the campus and gym. A shuttle is also available to transport clients to therapies and from meetings which take place off-site such as Recovery International, Alcoholics Anonymous, Emotions Anonymous, and more. Fun activities such as beach outings, bowling, trips to the movies, mini-golfing, and more are planned for residents as well.
The facility offers comprehensive and structured programs to fit the specific need of each patient. Clients seeking a facility that offers treatment to trauma survivors with substance abuse issues will fine Lifeskills South Florida to be an adequate choice.


Klay Weaver
Chief Executive Officer

Klay holds a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Education and a Master’s degree from the University of Kentucky in Social Work. He has over 25 years of experience in the behavioral health field and has been licensed to be a social worker for over 20 years now. Prior to holding the position of C.E.O of the facility, he served in different capacities at different organizations such as Skyland Trail where he served as COO.

Daniel Bober
Medical Director

Daniel holds a medical degree from the Michigan State University and then went to Yale University where he completed his adult, adolescent, and child psychiatry training. He also completed a fellowship at the University Of Massachusetts School Of Medicine in Forensic Psychiatry. He is board certified to practice child and adolescent psychiatry, general psychiatry, and forensic psychiatry.

Sandra Prevost
Human Resources Manager

Sandra holds a Bachelor’s degree from the New York Institute of Technology and is certified to practice Human Resource Management. She has over 15 years of experience working in the behavioral health field and is in charge of audits for two locations in New Jersey and three locations in Florida.

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