The Florida House Experience, Deerfield Beach, Florida

Deerfield Beach, Florida
505 S Federal Hwy
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The Florida House Experience Overview

The Florida House Experience is a treatment facility that was designed to deliver preproperate services to addicts that ensure they can recover without compromise. The facility enforces strict rules, and everyone that is part of the patient’s journey to recovery will always be serious about ensuring the patient’s success in terms of becoming sober and staying sober over the long term. While the center provides strict supervision and does not tolerate any kind of behavior that might suggest a relapse to a life of addiction, they do promote independence by ensuring patients prepare their own food. Housekeeping is also a responsibility of the patients at all times.

The Florida House Experience Housing

The Florida House Experience operates a large facility that can treat up to 100 patients in a residential treatment setting simultaneously. The facility has been designed in such a way to ensure both male and female patients can be effectively treated in a positive environment that still ensures strict control over the patient’s behavior, which is an essential part of assuring sobriety and reducing the risk of relapse. The facility’s rooms are divided to ensure gender-specific housing benefits are provided. Male patients will share rooms with other male patients, and the same goes for female patients. All rooms are spacious, and the patient gains access to different features in the room, such as closet space, to make them feel more comfortable.

The Florida House Experience Treatment Options

The treatment options that patients can gain access to when they opt for the services that are offered at The Florida House Experience is mainly divided into two primary sections, which include treatments for addictions, as well as treatments for mental health problems. The patient will be assessed when they arrive to determine the best program options for them. Patients who have an addiction and experience symptoms related to co-occurring disorders may be provided treatment approaches from both of these categories.
There are different types of treatment settings offered at the facility, which include:

  • Detoxification center
  • Residential treatment setting
  • Outpatient rehabilitation services

The Florida House Experience Therapies Provided

The licensed therapists and psychiatrist who are part of The Florida House Experience are able to deliver appropriate therapeutic services to every individual patient that can be tailored to their specific condition and circumstances. In addition to providing patients with individual sessions with these skilled psychiatrists, there are also group therapy sessions that patients can utilize, with a qualified counselor sitting in at every group sessions to ensure patients can effectively communicate with each other.

The Florida House Experience Payment Options

The Florida House Experience can verify the insurance benefits of a patient for free. The company accepts a large number of private insurance companies, including:

  • ComPsych
  • Beacon Health Options
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • BlueShield / BlueCross

Uninsured patients and those who are underinsured will have to consult with the financial department to discuss the self-pay options that are available to them.

The Florida House Experience Accreditations

The Florida House Experience has quite an extensive list of accreditations, as well as a couple of licenses that they have been rewarded in the past few years since their initial foundation. All of these awarded licenses, amenities, and members, are shared with patients on the company’s official website, ensuring that each patient who is considering undergoing treatment at the facility can know that the services they provide are appropriate and of high quality.
The company holds a license with the Department of Children and Families, and they are a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. The company has also received accreditation from the Joint Commission, as well as from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Furthermore, The Florida House Experience is an A+ rated BBB business.

The Florida House Experience Amenities

Even though The Florida House Experience implements a strict set of rules and ensures patients undergo intensive therapy sessions and other treatment protocols as part of the program they are enrolled in, and the company still ensures that patients have access to appropriate amenities that will help them feel more relaxed and comfortable during their stay at the facility.
Facilities include access to a swimming pool, acupuncture sessions, as well as access to a gym that is located on the premises. Other amenities include access to the Wellness Spot, group activities at the beach on Sundays, and frequent access to yoga classes, led by masters in the art.

The Florida House Experience Center Staff

When it comes to the staff members that are employed and part of The Florida House Experience, the company is proud to introduce the patient to everyone before they even come to the facility, and also completely transparent in regards to experience and qualifications. They offer a complete list of all staff members that are part of the women’s program, psychiatric team, executive team, medical team, neuro team, and more.

Bill Russell – Chief Executive Officer

Bill holds more than three decades of experience. He is highly skilled in programs related to mental health, behavioral health, and addiction treatment. He was involved with many other facilities that offer similar services to The Florida House Experience before he became the CEO of this facility.
Other staff members are:

  • John Dreyer – Director of Admissions
  • Ralph Tenaglia – Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Theodore Treese (MD) – Psychiatrist
  • Nicholas J. Dogris (PhD, BCN, QEEG-D) – Director of Neuropathy Services
  • Dr. Antonio Rotondo – Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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