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Satori Waters Overview

Dr. Barry Reiman and Dr. Rick Harris, two clinical psychologists, founded Satori Waters in 2013. Satori Waters is a network of treatment facilities situated in the South of Florida. The name is the Japanese word for enlightenment. Dr. Reiman had to undergo treatment himself and it served as an inspiration to study psychology and open a treatment facility.
Satori Waters offers what is known as a “Florida Style” residential facility as well as a top of the line detox facility known as Atrium Wellness. Satori Waters’ is definitely a standout in the Florida rehab industry with their top of the line ocean-side facilities offering some of the best evidence-based treatment options available in the industry.

Satori Waters Housing

Residents are housed in apartment-style buildings. The two bedroom apartments are fully furnished and gender-specific. The apartment buildings each house about 25 persons who are shuttled to and from the treatment center each day. The apartment buildings overlook communal pools, which the residents are free to use.
Residents are expected to prepare their own breakfast and dinner in their apartment kitchens. However, during the week, lunch is provided at the treatment center. They are given grocery cards so that they can take care of their shopping needs. The residents are not left alone to handle their meal. A dietitian is brought in each weekend to help them with meal planning.

Satori Waters Treatment Options

Satori offers a 45-day treatment program to which is referred to as Phase One. Following Phase One most patients follow up by enrolling in an Intensive Outpatient Program, which is known as Phase Two.
Patients admitted to the facility are not allowed to use electronic items for the first seven days of treatment. This is known as a blackout period, after which privileges such as phone and email are arranged on a case by case basis based on the patient’s needs. Visitors are not permitted until after the blackout period. Any visitors wanting to enter the compound must be approved by one of the facility’s clinicians.
Patients undergo both individual and group therapy each day until about 4:30 in the afternoon. Following the day’s activities patients are encouraged to relax by taking a walk on the beach or exercising in the gym. Residents are expected to prepare their own dinners in their apartment kitchens, after which they may visit any of the nearby 12-step meetings (transport is provided by the facility.
Each patient’s treatment is highly individualized and incorporates an array of treatment modalities. These include and are not limited to hypnosis, Auricular therapy, DBT, CBT, and neurofeedback. Satori encourages what is known as interactive journaling, which is believed to aid in motivating goal-oriented change in the patient.
Trauma survivors are treated to their own specialized treatment regimen. The facility utilizes genetic testing to help with matching patients to medication that is most effective for them.
Once the residential program is complete clients are welcomed to utilize the intensive outpatient program which runs anywhere from six to eight weeks. Upon completion, the clients can then attend group therapy sessions on a weekly basis, and then monthly alumni meetings.

Satori Waters Therapies Provided

If you sign up for the 45-day inpatient treatment program, you will have access to a host of therapeutic services. These include:

  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Hypnotic Therapy
  • External 12 Step Meetings
  • Interactive Journaling

Satori Waters Payment Options

While the cost was readily available, it was impossible to gather information about the payment options available. The cost was however listed as $30,000 for a 45-day stay. If you would like to get some more information regarding the payment options available, it might be best to give the staff at Satori Waters a call or try using the contact form on their website.

Satori Waters Licenses

Unfortunately, no accreditation details were listed for Satori Waters. To find out more about the facility’s accreditation it is advised that you contact Satori directly.

Satori Waters Amenities

Satori Waters is outfitted with a wide variety of amenities, and at the high cost, it is definitely expected. The complex is outfitted with outdoor dining facilities which can be used to socialize during treatment downtime, the apartment complexes also have workout rooms, tennis courts, a pool table and an outdoor dining area for socializing during downtime. For residents who are into fitness, there are tennis courts, workout rooms and the chance to attend the LA Fitness for which your admission fees cover gym membership. Satori offers yoga, equine therapy, and art therapy as well as the chance to utilize a masseuse and chiropractor.
Residents can utilize the weekends to attend church or be a part of the excursions through Southern Florida which includes and is not limited to cultural and various sporting events.
Sartori has a family program comprising of three days, which allows the residents to connect with loved ones during a series of workshops which should assist on the road to recovery.

Satori Waters Staff

Unfortunately, Satori Waters does not provide a lot of details regarding the facility’s staff. Publically it is acknowledged that both clinicians and group therapy leaders all have masters’ level credentials and the facility was founded in 2013 by psychologists Dr. Barry Reiman and Dr. Rick Harris.
Dr. Reiman, in particular, worked in private practice for a period of 15 years and managed another recovery center before opening the doors of Satori Waters. Apart from that, information on the psychiatrists, counselors and general staff that make up the team at Satori was scarce. Prospective patients who would like to gain more insight into the Satori Waters team should try contacting them directly at 1-954-256-8210 or via the contact form on the website.

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