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SalusCare Overview

SalusCare is a facility that provides care services to patients with mental illnesses, as well as patients who are experiencing addiction to drugs and alcohol. The facility provides compassionate healthcare services. The institute was founded as the result of a merge between the Southwest Florida Addiction Services and the Lee Mental Health Center, in 2013.
The institute has grown considerably and has a goal of providing the best substance abuse and behavioral services within the Southwestern Florida region. SalusCare currently has seven facilities that can provide patients with care services, and offers a wide range of payment options to suit the financial status of the patient.
SalusCare offers quality healthcare services to people of all ages. They have specialized services available for children and adults, as well as for the elderly. The institute has been registered as a not-for-profit organization and currently employs over 400 professional and experienced staff members, serving around 16,000 patients per year.

Housing at SalusCare

SalusCare provides both residential and outpatient services, depending on the patient’s unique circumstances and the programs that are best suited to their needs. Patients who require residential treatment services are provided with on-campus housing, where the patient will be cared for by licensed therapists and physicians. Some of the facilities available are located close to the hospital, and other medical institutes to provide fast, urgent care services should emergencies and complications occur.
A 16-bed Transitional Living Center is available for adults who require access to the substance abuse residential program.
Two separate facilities are available on the Transitional Living Campus. This includes a 16-bed halfway house for female patients and a 14-bed halfway house for male patients.
Supported housing is available for patients who require access to the Permanent Supportive Housing program.
A specialty center is available at the institute’s Vince Smith Center, which can accommodate patients between the ages of 13 and 17. The facility offers 24/7 supervision for all young patients.
Several Crisis Stabilization Units are available for patients of all ages who require inpatient stabilization following a psychiatric event. The Colonial Campus division of the institute provides higher care levels for patients who are considered to be at high risk of self-harm.

Treatment Options at SalusCare

SalusCare offers a variety of treatment options for patients in need of their healthcare services. Programs are available for both adults and younger patients. Additional emergency and acute care treatment programs are also available.
Prior to the initiation of any treatment, a patient first has to undergo an intake screening, which is a free service. Patients are not required to make an appointment for this service and can visit one of the locations that offer this service on weekdays. A clinician will conduct a one-hour interview with the patient to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for them, and to identify the right programs that the patient should be enrolled in.
Treatment options for adults include:

  • Outpatient therapy services
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Forensic Diversion
  • Day Treatment and Extended Day Treatment Services
  • Maternal Assistance Programs
  • Evening Treatment programs
  • Short-term residential services in the Transitional Living Center
  • Long-term residential programs
  • Supported housing

Treatments and programs available for youth patients include:

  • Outpatient psychiatry services and therapy
  • Day treatment services, including individual, group, and family counseling
  • Educational services
  • Continuing care services
  • Residential treatment services for substance abuse patients
  • Community Behavioral Treatment Solution offered to parents of youth patients
  • On-Site Therapeutic Behavioral services

Emergency And Acute Treatments include:

  • Detoxification services
  • Crisis stabilization services, with specialized units allocated to these programs
  • A specialized Juvenile Addiction Receiving Facility

Payment Options at SalusCare

While no specific details are provided regarding the cost of care at SalusCare, the institute does note that several types of payment options are available. Patients who have an existing health insurance plan may provide details of their insurance provider to SalusCare, who will advise them as to whether the institute accepts the provider their health insurance policy is with. While not all health insurance policies will pay for the programs and services offered by SalusCare, the institute notes that most major providers do offer payment for their healthcare services.
The institute also accepts Medicare and Medicaid patients. Any patient who has no existing healthcare policy can speak to the Financial Counselor at the campus they were screened at. A payment plan will then be calculated based on how much the patient can afford. In some cases, treatment cost will also be adjusted according to the household income of the patient.
Patients can also choose to pay for their treatment with MasterCard or Visa credit and debit cards.


The majority of the services and treatment programs that are currently offered by SalusCare have been accredited by the CARF International Association. This is an independent, not-for-profit organization that focuses on analyzing the quality of healthcare services.

Amenities at SalusCare

SalusCare has several facilities available, many of which are located near hospitals and other healthcare providers. All residential service campuses also provide 24-hour supervision for all patients. Some campuses are focused on specialty care services, while others offer multiple programs.


More than 400 experienced professionals have now been employed by the seven facilities that SalusCare offers. A complete list of the directors, administration, and medical staff members are available on the institute’s website.

Some noteworthy medical staff members include:

  • Dr. Kenneth Carter –Medical Director of the Acute Care and Residential Programs
  • Dr. Miriam Ajo – Senior Physiatrist that deals with Adult Psychiatry Programs
  • Dr. Eric Leonhardt – Senior Psychiatrist that deals with Youth Psychiatry Treatment Programs
  • Dr. Regina Robinson – Behavioral Pediatrician

Why SalusCare

SalusCare is a professional institute that has seven different facilities available to provide both outpatient and residential treatment options for patients. The institute specializes in substance abuse programs, as well as mental health and behavioral treatment plans. Health insurance policies are accepted, and financial repayment plans can be arranged to suit the patient. Facilities are supervised day and night, and special care is provided to all patients.

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