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Meridian Behavioral Healthcare Overview

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare is a complete system that gives patients access to a relatively wide range of services to address chemical dependency, alcohol addictions, mental health problems, and behavioral issues. These are relatively common problems faced by the local population and, thanks to the dual diagnosis program offered at Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, patients can undergo treatment for multiple conditions that fall within their perimeters simultaneously.
Meridian Behavioral Healthcare was founded in the year 1972. While the facility started relatively small, the company has greatly expanded over the last few decades. Patients are now able to come to Meridian Behavioral Healthcare to undergo different types of treatment programs, ranging from detoxification services and residential treatment programs, toward outpatient treatment services that do not require the patient to stay at the facility while they are being treated for their addictions.

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare Housing

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare owns a number of houses within the local region in Flordia. Patients who need to undergo treatment through an inpatient setting will be offered accommodation at one of the buildings that they own and operate. The specific building where the patient will be housed during their treatment depends on their age, gender, and the conditions they are suffering from.
The Sid Martin Bridge House is able to accommodate up to 35 adult patients at a time. Both male and female patients are welcome at this house and will be provided with accommodation in gender-specific rooms. The Sid Martin Bridge House primarily focuses on housing those patients with more severe addictions.
A separate detoxification facility is found just a few blocks away from the Sid Martin Bridge House, where patients can undergo detox services. Up to 16 patients can be served in the detox unit at a time.
A Recovery Center House is also owned by Meridian Behavioral Health, where up to 10 adolescent male patients can reside at any given time.

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare Treatment Options

Each patient is treated as an individual at Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, which is why the patient is thoroughly assessed before they are admitted to a program at any of the facilities owned by this company. The majority of treatment options at the facility relies on the 12-step recovery model.
Patients may be provided access to the following treatment options, based on the findings during the initial consultation:

  • Residential treatment programs
  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • Intensive outpatient treatment programs
  • Aftercare services
  • Detox services

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare Therapies Provided

There are various types of therapies that patients are provided access to while they are being treated at Meridian Behavioral Healthcare. All of the treatment programs available at this company does include therapeutic services to assist in the patient’s recovery from substance abuse and mental disorders. Both individual therapy and group therapy services are available. Additionally, the company also has a number of family therapy options that a patient may be offered.

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare Payment Options

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare has not provided details regarding the acceptance of insurance programs at any of their facilities. Patients who are insured should get in touch with the facility to request more details and to see if their insurance provider is accepted. Verification of the patient’s benefits may be required. The facility utilizes a sliding-scale system to bill patients based on their monthly income.

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare Accreditations

The services offered to the patients who are treated at Meridian Behavioral Healthcare have been reviewed by CARF, an association in the United States that specializes in assuring the quality of addiction recovery services provided by rehabilitation centers throughout the country.

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare Amenities

There are basic amenities available to patients undergoing residential treatment at Meridian Behavioral Healthcare at all of the facilities they operate. Rooms are generally shared among multiple patients. The rooms are equipped with both twin beds and dressers. Patients will need to share common areas. The Sid Martin Bridge House is also equipped with a lecture hall, multiple offices, and a dining hall. Patients are provided three meals per day.

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare Staff

Since patients often want to know about staff members that are responsible for therapy at a facility like Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, as well as those medical staff members that provide support for patients while they are undergoing detoxification from the substances that they have become dependent on, many facilities tend to share such details on their websites. This usually makes the patient feel more comfortable, especially when they can see that these staff members are all appropriately licensed and skilled to offer them the right kind of services for their condition.
Unfortunately, data provided by Meridian Behavioral Healthcare is relatively limited, and there is no information available to help patients gain more knowledge of the staff members. We were unable to find details of the management staff, the directors at the facility, or the team of therapists who are involved in the addiction recovery or behavioral healthcare treatment programs that are offered to those patients who come to this facility to get help.
Patients who are in need of treatment and would first like to know more about the staff that will be appointed to their treatment program will need to contact the facility directly. There should be administrative staff members available to help the patient understand whether the therapists and medical team are licensed, as well as qualified to work with patients who are addicts.

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