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Park Place Behavioral Healthcare Overview

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare is a facility that specializes in providing patients access to different treatment services that focuses on the patient’s mental health, as well as to assist in treating addictions that the patient may be suffering from. The facility has a strong focus on a dual-diagnosis program, where multiple disorders are treated simultaneously in order to help the patient get out of a dark place that they might be facing, and give the patient a chance at full recovery.
The center was initially founded in 1976 and has since expanded greatly. Park Place Behavioral Healthcare is part of the Community Mental Health Center and focuses on providing recovery services to patients who reside within the Osceola County. They currently have more than 30 different programs that patients are offered with in order to ensure they can recover from various disorders and conditions that could be making life more difficult for them.

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare Housing

Patients who need to be admitted under a residential treatment program will reside at the main facility that is owned by Park Place Behavioral Healthcare in Kissimmee, Florida. The facility is relatively small, and only 10 patients can be treated at the center through an inpatient program at a time. Each patient is provided with individualized care in order to ensure the patient gains access to the quality of treatment that they need to assure their success in recovering from the addictions that they are experiencing, as well as to simultaneously address any type of mental disorders that the patient might be suffering from.
Patients in need of residential care will need to inquire about the availability of beds when they need to be admitted, and might be placed on a waiting list of no beds are available at the time of their call.

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare Treatment Options

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare has quite a large number of services and treatment options that they offer the patients who come to their facility for help. The services offered at the facility are divided into two groups, including mental health services and substance abuse recovery services. Each patient will be assessed by a counselor, and an individual program will then be developed for the patient in order to address all of the symptoms that they present.
Some of the treatment services for addictions offered at Park Place Behavioral Healthcare include:

  • Outpatient services
  • Detoxification services
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Residential treatment program
  • Recovery peer support services
  • Medication-assisted treatment

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare Therapies Provided

While each patient at Park Place Behavioral Healthcare is offered an individualized treatment plan that focuses on their specific condition, it should be noted that therapy plays an important part in all programs offered to patients at the facility. While individualized therapy is crucial for all patients, the facility will also ask patients to attend several group meetings as part of their treatment program as well.

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare Payment Options

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare does not offer a lot of detailed information about the payment options that the patient is offered when they are interested in being treated for their addiction disorders at the facility. Patients may request a verification on their insurance benefits by contacting the facility directly.
If the patient’s insurance plan will not cover their treatment, or the patient does not have an active insurance program, then the patient will be held responsible for their own bill. Details in terms of financial arrangements are not provided, but patients may inquire with third-party financing institutions if they need access to a medical loan.

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare Accreditations

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare has not provided details of their accreditations or any other credentials that the facility holds on their main website. We were also unable to determine if the local state authorities have provided the facility with a license to offer patients in the local region access to treatment services for addictions and mental health problems.

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare Amenities

Patients staying at the Park Place Behavioral Healthcare facility will be housed in a modest and comfortable home-like building where they can relax and experience a stress-free life during their treatment phase. There are various amenities that are made available to patients, such as fully furnished private rooms, a basketball court on the outside of the facility, and a gym that allows patients to work out during their stay at the facility. A cafeteria is available at the facility, where the patients are served multiple meals each day.

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare Staff

The official website that represents the Park Place Behavioral Healthcare facility does not provide any details related to the staff members who patients will meet when they decide to undergo treatment at this facility for the addictions that they are suffering from. This can be an unfortunate factor for those patients who feel that they would like to know about the psychiatrists, nurses, and perhaps even the program directors at the facility before they decide if they would like to be treated for their addictions at the facility.
Fortunately, the center does seem to truly care about their patients, which means a visit to the center may allow the patient interested in being treated at the center to meet some of the staff members who will be caring for them when they are treated through a substance abuse program at Park Place Behavioral Healthcare.

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