Archstone Recovery Center, Lantana, Florida

Archstone Recovery Center
501 W Perry St
Lantana, FL, 33462

Located in Lantana, Florida, Archstone Recovery Center provides a temporary home for 30 individuals struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The facility offers inpatient, and extended care services, along with medically supervised detox.

Archstone Recovery Center: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

After the initial evaluation, the team of professionals create an individualized treatment plan and decides whether detox is needed or not. The detoxication phase usually lasts for up to seven days and includes 24/7 supervision. The cost of detox is $3,000.

The inpatient program is designed to accommodate client’s physical, psychological, and social needs. Given the fact that the most relapses occur at the very beginning of the recovery, it is understandable why residential treatment is considered crucial. It provides structured, drug-free environment that allows patients to focus on rehabilitation. Archstone Recovery Center offers individual and group therapy, along with family counseling. The treatment program is based on the 12-step philosophy, and besides addiction alone, it also addresses addiction as part of co-occurring disorders.

Individual sessions are held twice a week, while clients have to attend daily group meetings. Some of the topics addressed during group therapy are:

  • Life skills
  • Relapse prevention
  • Trauma
  • Grief

In addition to group and individual counseling, patients are obliged to attend on- and off-site AA or NA meetings.

The center understands that women and men experience addiction differently, and it accommodates this by enabling clients to enroll in gender-specific treatment modalities that addresses their unique needs.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation for young adults is another specialized treatment program at the center. It focuses on struggles young people experience due to substance abuse. This rehab modality allows clients to experience recovery in a structured but fun environment. Some activities besides therapy sessions include swimming in the pool or beach outings.

Extended care for alcohol and drug addiction allows clients who completed the residential part of the treatment to go back to work and at the same time get an intensive outpatient care. The treatment includes sober living, support groups, and alumni meetings.

The staff at the Archstone Recovery Center includes nurses, counselors, therapists, and psychiatrist. What makes this facility unique is the fact that some of the therapists are recovered addicts themselves.

Facilities and Extras

Clients of the Archstone Recovery Center stay in apartments that mimic home environment. Living units are shared by four residents. Common area includes TV, living room, bathroom, and fully equipped kitchen.

Therapy rooms are beautifully decorated and furnished with leather couches. The campus includes workout area, gym, swimming pool, and outdoor grill.

Rules and Regulations in Archstone Recovery Center

Clients are obliged to cook their own meals in order to experience the sense of belonging and community. Every week they are given the allowance to go to supervised grocery shopping.

Cell phones and laptops are not allowed, while cigarettes and caffeine are.

The cost of a 30-day stay at the center is $30,000. The duration of the treatment varies from 30 to 90 days.


Archstone Recovery Center provides structured, 12-step-based treatment to men, women, and young adults dealing with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Some of the services the center provides include residential program, medically supervised detox, and extended care. Therapy sessions are conducted in both individual and group setting.

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