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Oliver-Pyatt Centers Overview

Oliver-Pyatt Centers is a group of facilities that have been founded by a woman with the same name as the company, who went through a tough time and struggled with an eating disorder herself. The company was established to provide a “safe haven” for women where they can come to heal and restore and to get them to recover from an eating disorder that may be causing them great sorrow and difficulty in life. The founder of this company has written several books that have been extremely popular around the world, and she has been featured in several magazine publications in the past.

Oliver-Pyatt Centers Housing

One of the facilities owned by the Oliver-Pyatt Centers brand has a full housing system available to the patients admitted to a personalized residential treatment plan. The housing is provided to patients in apartments with upscale interior décor and amenities, ultimately providing the patient with a more convenient experience during the time that they are healing from their disorder. The facility can provide treatment for up to 36 female patients at a time. The housing systems are secure, and the company really goes the extra mile to ensure every patient can feel safe during the recovery phase.

Oliver-Pyatt Centers Treatment Options

There is a couple of different treatment options that are presented to patients who would like to be treated at the Oliver-Pyatt Centers facility. Each patient is individually assessed by a counselor. The facility will only compile a custom plan for the patient once they have been thoroughly analyzed and their disorder is completely understood by the intake counselor that is responsible for their treatment plan.
There are different levels of care that the company is able to provide patients with, including:

  • Day treatment
  • Residential care
  • Supervised living

The programs offered here can address a large range of eating disorders, and can also help those patients who experience signs of co-occurring disorders. It is quite common for patients to have depression, self-esteem issues, and other mental problems when they are experiencing the dreadful effects of an eating disorder – these can all be targeted through an individualized approach at Oliver-Pyatt Centers.

Oliver-Pyatt Centers Therapies Provided

While medication management and various activities are included in the treatment programs that patients are provided when they present an eating disorder and come to the Oliver-Pyatt Centers, a major part of these programs rely on the effectiveness of therapy sessions to help the patient with their recovery and to guide them toward a more positive life.

Oliver-Pyatt Centers Payment Options

Oliver-Pyatt Centers accept a large number of private insurance providers, including Humana, BlueCross / BlueShield, Three Rivers, and Aetna. Additional insurance providers may also be accepted. It is the patient’s responsibility to have their benefits verified before they are admitted to a program at these centers. Self-pay is also available, but we were unable to find details related to special financing arrangements offered by the Oliver-Pyatt Centers.

Oliver-Pyatt Centers Accreditations

Oliver-Pyatt Centers is a fully accredited group of facilities that focus on ensuring every single patient who steps through their doors can be given the highest level of care they can possibly offer the patient. This is why the company has been awarded an accreditation by one of the most popular bodies in the United States, known as the Joint Commission. In addition to this accreditation, Oliver-Pyatt Centers also hold an active membership with the Residential Eating Disorders Consortium, another body that closely monitors the services provided by rehabilitation centers for eating disorders.

Oliver-Pyatt Centers Amenities

Since Oliver-Pyatt Centers want patients to feel comfortable, safe and cared for when they stay at one of their facilities while they are being treated through a program customized to their specific condition, the company makes a range of amenities available to those patients who are admitted to an inpatient care program. Several educational groups and programs are provided to patients to help them better understand the role that food and eating should play in their lives. Aftercare is also provided to patients to ensure they can continue on the road to success after they complete their inpatient or outpatient program.

Oliver-Pyatt Centers Staff

The management staff at Oliver-Pyatt Centers want to ensure that each of the female patients who are interested in being admitted to one of the residential or outpatient programs that the center has to offer can feel comfortable – even when they have not even set foot on the property. This is why their website provides a detailed list of the highly experienced staff members that make the programs at the facility possible.

Joel Jahraus (MD, FAED, CEDS)
Chief Medical Officer

Joel Jahraus has spent over two decades in the field of managing patients that present signs of an eating disorder. He has also been a Board-Certified Physician for the past three decades. Previously, Joel was a Medical Director at the Remuda Treatment Centers, a network of rehabilitation facilities in the state of Arizona.

Mary Dye (MPH, RD, CEDRD, LD/N)
Director of Nutrition Services

Mary Dye is responsible for ensuring all nutritional services provided to patients take each patient’s individual condition and circumstances into account. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Health Nutrition. Mary also completed appropriate Clinical Training at the UNC Memorial Hospital.

Molly McShane (MD, MPH, CEDS)
Medical Director

Molly McShane is Board-Certified in Addiction Medicine, as well as in Psychiatry. She is currently in charge of the treatments provided to patients with eating disorders at more than 20 facilities. Molly has been certified as an Eating Disorder Specialist.

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