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Clay Behavioral Health Center Overview

Clay Behavioral Health Center is a treatment center that provides a wide range of services for persons with mental health problems and drug and alcohol addiction. The treatment center has been around for over 20 years, and during this time it worked with thousands of patients both adult and adolescent individuals on their mental health and addiction recovery process. Clay Behavioral Health Center has multiple facilities at different locations such as Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, and Keystone Heights. All facilities are open from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. This health center provides an array of outpatient services, which will be discussed below.

Clay Behavioral Health Center Housing

The treatment center does not provide residential services to their patients and clients. Only outpatient treatment programs are available, meaning there’s no housing info to show at the moment.

Clay Behavioral Health Center Treatment Options

Clay Behavioral Health Center provides outpatient services to persons with addiction and mental health problems. They created multiple programs to support their patients on the road to recovery. Their services include the following:

  • Children’s mental health services
  • Adult mental health services
  • Children’s substance abuse services
  • Adult substance abuse services
  • Intensive family services
  • Outpatient counseling

As far as adult substance abuse services are concerned, their primary objective is to help clients reduce their dependence on drugs or alcohol in order to create a healthy and substance-free lifestyle. Clay Behavioral Health Center is led by the fact that persons with substance abuse problem don’t suffer from a lack of power or some other issue, addiction is a disease that needs to be treated. Adult patients or clients undergo initial assessment or screening first. The whole point of assessment is to determine the severity of addiction in order to refer an individual to an appropriate treatment program.
Treatment programs for adult substance abuse include:

  • Dual diagnosis – for persons with co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness
    Aftercare – for clients who have successfully completed substance abuse treatment but need more support and monitoring for a continued recovery
  • Outpatient counseling – solution-focused counseling that allows patients to get much-needed treatment while remaining in their community
    This health center doesn’t provide detox services, but you can consult them about facilities that do. On the other hand, children’s substance abuse services are created for persons under the age of 18, and they include programs such as intervention, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, outpatient therapy, Bannerman Substance Abuse Program, among others.

Clay Behavioral Health Center Therapies Provided

Both adolescent and adult patients seeking substance abuse treatment at this health center receive regular counseling through different therapies. Therapy sessions are held in both individual and group setting. Family support groups are also provided. The goal of these therapies is to focus on relapse prevention, mental and emotional health, a 12-step program, and many other things.
Group therapy sessions are held three times a week while individual therapy is provided once a week. Therapies also focus on problem-solving, support, self-understanding, and coping with traumas, problems, and other scenarios that could contribute to addiction. Groups also deal with parenting, panic anxiety, anger management, communication, handling difficult emotions, understanding how thoughts impact mood.

Clay Behavioral Health Center Payment Options

Funding for services at Clay Behavioral Health Center is provided by Florida State Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Contract, Medicaid, Medicare, TANF as well as many other county contracts and private insurances. Prices of treatments at this health center aren’t revealed on the website, so it’s useful to contact them, describe your problem, schedule an appointment, and see how much it would cost to treat your problem there.

Clay Behavioral Health Center Licenses

Clay Behavioral Health Center has a CARF accreditation. The term CARF stands for Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, an organization that focuses on quality and results of health facilities on an international level. The certificate is an alternative to Joint Commission, i.e. it’s a good sign that a rehabilitation facility, such as this one, provides a good quality of service and well-structured treatment to their patients and clients.

Clay Behavioral Health Center Amenities

The health center also provides prevention services which include drug-free workplace training and community education. Clay Behavioral Health Center collaborates with schools and carries out various programs and activities in order to decrease the number of adolescents with substance abuse problems. The most important advantage of this treatment center is versatility regarding programs and services they provide. Adults and teenagers can get much-needed treatment at different locations on a regular basis.

Clay Behavioral Health Center Staff

The treatment center employs a team of professionals who help patients and their families overcome problems associated with addiction and mental health conditions. As far as adult substance abuse services are concerned at Clay Behavioral Health Center the team consists of a clinical manager, case manager, clinical coordinator, and six full-time therapists. Names and biographies of staff members who work with substance abuse patients at each facility aren’t revealed. In fact, the website only shows a list of employees and executives of the health center in general without specifying at which location they’re employed. Some names include:

  • James L. Larson – medical director
  • Jo Cisco – clinical manager
  • Debra Troupe – clinical manager
  • Sue Starkey – clinical manager
  • Michelle Fiallo – clinical manager
  • Todd Robinson – clinical manager
  • Nicole M. Viccari-Saunders – clinical manager

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