The Garden Wellness Center, North Miami, Florida

MacArthur Causeway Bridge, Miami, Florida, USA
16565 NE 4th Ave
North Miami, FL, 33162

The Garden Wellness Center Overview

The Garden Wellness Center is located in North Miami, Florida where it serves as one of the best rehabilitation centers providing help to people struggling with substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and common mental health issues. The Garden Wellness Center provides only a short-term residential, inpatient, treatment program to its patients, with individual and group therapy sessions included.
Apart from that, the Garden Wellness Center uses holistic and educational therapies as well as a part of the treatment process. The Garden Wellness Center welcomes men, women and young adults of any age and offers its help through a professional, experienced staff and fully equipped facility. Upon arrival, the patients are required to complete their on-site detoxification in order to proceed with their residential treatment program. The Garden Wellness Center has been accredited by the Joint Commission and has numerous successful cases to show for during its active years.
Medication management is also provided at the facility as well as 24/7-hour medical care. Dual diagnosis is also made available to the patients at Garden Wellness Center. These are cases that battle common mental health issues such as eating disorders, sexual addiction, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc. while struggling with substance abuse and/or alcohol abuse.

The Garden Wellness Center Housing

The Garden Wellness Center offers accommodation for around 30 patients – men and women at the same time. Although there is only one main facility where the patients are accommodated, they are separated in gender-separate halls and accommodated in private rooms during their residential treatment program. Each bedroom is furnished with queen beds, dressers, and bedside tables.
Using personal mobile phones or computers is not allowed on site; however, patients are able to watch cable TV and use the phones in the facility to contact their family members and friends. There is the main cafeteria where the patients are served various dishes, three times a week, all prepared by the on-site staff. Any dietary requirements are to be respected in the facility. There are offices and common rooms where individual and group therapy sessions take place on a daily and weekly basis.

The Garden Wellness Center Treatment Options

At Garden Wellness Center, you will find the following treatment options:
Residential treatment program – The only program available at the Garden Wellness Center is their short-term residential, inpatient, treatment program. This program requires patients to live in the rehabilitation facility in order to participate and finish their therapies as required. The patients are scheduled with a professional substance and alcohol abuse counselor to their individual and group therapy sessions. The Garden Wellness Center follows the 12-step recovery principles and adds holistic and educational therapies as a part of the treatment program. Patients can also choose to participate in guided meditation classes, art therapy, and yoga to enhance their treatment process.

The Garden Wellness Center Therapies Provided

Therapeutic services that the patient is given access to at the Garden Wellness Center include:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Detoxification
  • Holistic therapy
  • Educational therapy

The Garden Wellness Center Payment Options

Unfortunately, there is no information on the topic of payment options at the Garden Wellness Center. For more information on this topic, please do contact the official staff at the Garden Wellness Center, via email or phone.

The Garden Wellness Center Licenses

The Garden Wellness Center has been accredited by the Joint Commission which is a non-profit organization that accredits rehabilitation centers and programs. Since it had been first founded back in 1951, the Joint Commission has made sure that only quality rehabilitation centers have been accredited and with that, the quality of their services has maintained.

The Garden Wellness Center Amenities

As a part of the amenities offered at the Garden Wellness Center, is the option for an aftercare program. The aftercare program offers the patients care and support after they have successfully finished their residential treatment program at the Garden Wellness Center. The focus of the aftercare program is to help patients continue or enroll for the first time at school, to finish their education and/or to find a job that is suitable to their professional knowledge, education, and abilities.
The patients are free to join in on a group therapy session or attend to an individual therapy session as a part of the program, plus they get one phone call a day from their sponsor to ensure support and care. As time passes, the phone calls are fewer and fewer until they are discontinued for good. In addition, the patients have the opportunity to fill their free time by joining activities such as medication, yoga classes, massages, acupuncture, spa, etc.

The Garden Wellness Center Staff

The staff at the Garden Wellness Center includes experienced, professional and board certificated psychiatrists, counselors, nurses, doctors, and general practitioners, all of which have previous working experience with mild to more severe substance abuse and alcohol abuse problems. The staff at the Garden Wellness Center guarantees a professional, friendly and supportive approach to the patients that choose the Garden Wellness Center to be their treatment facility.

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