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Overview of Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc

Located in Orlando Florida, Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc is not just your typical rehab center. Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc is a recovery and addiction treatment program that focuses more on medication-assisted treatments for narcotic and opioid addictions. Since its establishment in 1983, Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc has been serving the needs of patients suffering from addiction to painkillers and heroin.
At Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc, they have the basic understanding that anyone is liable to opioid dependency, so the facility helps clients design a specific recovery plan to suit their individual needs. The facility utilized suboxone or methadone to loosen the grip of withdrawal. At Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc, the facility has a team of qualified clinical staffs who work to help patients build and focus on their strengths, giving a result of healthy physical, mental, spiritual and emotional recovery. The staff tends to help patients make life livable again.
The services at Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc is claimed to be High quality, focused and professionally offered in a safe, clean and friendly environment. Their staffs consist of mostly professional degreed clinicians who study a wide range of courses. Central Florida Treatment Centers claims to have clinicians specialized in forensic psychiatry, addictions and other areas pertaining to medication-assisted treatments to provide the best quality of healthcare for their clients. Their treatment fees are very reasonable and comprehensive while covering all the services.

Treatment Options at Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc.

Because Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc is a medically assisted treatment program facility, most options that apply at a regular rehabilitation center do not apply here. Most options like inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient, holistic treatment, aftercare support, sober living homes and most forms of therapy choices are not offered at this facility due to the specification of their treatment plan. But patients in need of those extra services are advised on how to go about it and if on request, are referred to another facility that offers those treatment services. Also, patients who are in need of admission into this facility should be at least 18 years old.
Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc makes use of suboxone or methadone medication to kick start the detox process which gives the patients the ability to easily withdraw from the addiction without having to battle with physical symptoms. The treatment plan usually lasts for 12 months, but patients in need of a shorter treatment span are given the option of 6 months although they will be advised that a short span of treatment would not be very effective in the process.
Patients admitted into Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc are given their doses weekly during an individual counseling session which the patients are required to attend. During the process, patients are introduced to 12-Step meetings which they are also required to attend and is also very crucial in their recovery process. The medically assisted treatment is administered to patients by the facility’s nurse who is supervised by a certified doctor and a medical director to ensure that the treatment is properly administered. Every patient admitted into this facility to a series of random urinalysis and drug tests to ensure that the patients are clean and drug-free.

Payment Options and Insurances

Charging about $75 – $91 for intake, $175 per week for Suboxone medications and $98 per week for Methadone, the payment options accepted by Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc include:

  • Self-Pay Options
  • Insurance
  • Humana
  • Molina Healthcare
  • Prestige Health Choice
  • UnitedHealthCare
  • Sunshine Health
  • StayWell
  • Magellan Health
  • Wellcare Health Plans
  • Cenpatico


Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc is licensed by The Joint Commission (TJC).

Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc Advantages

Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc is not just your typical rehabilitation center, this facility focuses majorly on medically assisted treatment and has been doing so since its inception in 1983. This facility proves to be one of the best facilities that offers medically assisted treatment in the state of Florida. Facility has made its mark by developing their facility in locations like Orlando, Fort Pierce, Palm Bay and Lake Worth which are fully equipped and manned to give their patients one of the best and easiest medically assisted treatment program there is.
The patients are treated by highly trained professionals who have been treating patients with the help of the treatment program for years and they also offer to counsel for veterans and pregnant women.

Staff at Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc

The staffs working at Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc which basically comprises of nurses, counselors, MDs, a qualified medical doctor, case managers, and psychiatrist, are carefully selected team of professionals who are experts and have years of experience in their various fields of specialty.
This team of professional individuals are responsible for the smooth running of Central Florida Treatment Centers Inc and make sure that each patient admitted into their facility receives the best medically assisted treatment needed for recovery. So far, thousands have been receiving detox treatments from this facility and the testimonies are coming out of this facility speaks positively of it.

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