Recovery Road, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Recovery Road
4362 Northlake Blvd, Suite 101
Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 33410

Recovery Road, Sunspire Health’s second male-only rehab center, offers privacy and tranquility for both adolescent and adult men seeking treatment for process and substance addictions, as well as men suffering from co-occurring disorders. The Recovery Road campus in Palm Gardens, Florida consists of bungalows that provide space for around 30 men at any one time.

The First Step

Acting as a male-only treatment center gives Recovery Road the advantage of being able to treat various afflictions particular to men. Included in the conditions it treats, apart from the standard substance use and co-occurring disorders, are process addictions to everything from gambling to internet and video game addiction.

The 30 spaces Recovery Road has for its inpatient residential program also act as sober living residences for those who are making the transition from rehab to sobriety. The rest of the Recovery Road campus is put aside for therapy and counseling sessions, as well as the administrative offices.

The Recovery Road campus consists of a series of bungalows set off of a quiet residential street. The rooms tastefully designed with tile floors and large windows sleep two to a room.

Each therapy room evokes a particular mood or season. Some rooms flow freely with cool wintry colors and furniture. Other rooms recall a more subdued, collegial atmosphere with autumnal colors and leather couches abound.

The administrative offices and medical centers reflect their purpose as professional areas with gleaming, hardwood floors and lavish furnishings. The kitchen area, open to all, has all the necessary amenities to allow residents the space to prepare and eat their meals.

The Man Inside

Patients at Recovery Road follow a “Florida model” of treatment. Residents reside on the premises for a long-term commitment, while receiving care in different locations. A typical stay at Recovery Road lasts a minimum of 90-days.

The inpatient program forms the basis for the other offerings at Recovery Road which include an Intensive Outpatient Program as well as a lower-tier partial hospitalization program. There are no detox options available at Recovery Road.

Men start to feel the uniqueness of Recovery Road right upon admittance. A male-only program allows participants to feel comfortable in their surroundings, which is something that is crucial for the recovery process to begin.

Inpatient residents work with their primary therapists to build a specialized treatment plan. After they have started individual sessions, residents move on to larger group sessions.

Topics that find their way into group sessions include working through past traumatic experiences, learning anger management techniques and sharing relapse prevention tips. Cognitive behavioral therapy sessions aim to break down the barriers that may hinder a successful recovery.

For those men who suffer from process addictions, Recovery Road has specially trained staff to help these particular cases. There is a specialized gambling and sex addiction counselor on staff to help patients overcome these self-sabotaging behaviors.

The Special Ones

All men with dual diagnosis disorders can receive treatment at Recovery Road. Spiritual advisors can also provide counseling and guidance to those who want to take a more spiritual approach to healing themselves.

Alternative therapies can also aid in the recovery process. To this end, Recovery Road offers yoga, mindfulness classes and even massage therapies to ease the difficulties that come with such a trying time in man’s life.

Although men have lots of independence during their stay, Recovery Road staff do occasionally check-in on them to see if they are progressing well, even after therapy sessions.
The aim at Recovery Road is to help men rediscover the joys that come with sobriety. The independent living philosophy of the Florida model allows for freedom while ensuring that the continuum of care that Sunspire Health strives to provide is always there to help.

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Sunspire Health Recovery Road
4362 Northlake Blvd, Suite 101
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


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