Waterfront Rescue Mission, Pensacola, Florida

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Waterfront Rescue Mission Overview

Waterfront Rescue Mission is an organization that provides shelter and recovery services to homeless men. The organization was founded in 1949 and over the decades it has become a place where homeless men could find hope, help, and experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ as Waterfront Rescue Mission focuses on the Bible and religion. It is important to mention that although Waterfront Rescue Mission is a Christian-based organization, its services will not be denied by someone just because they have different religious views. All homeless men who need help get all the care they need regardless of their religion and other factors. Of course, it’s a good thing that such an important organization who helped thousands of men practices inclusivity and assistance to all who need their services.

Waterfront Rescue Mission Housing

The campus of Waterfront Rescue Mission has 257 beds for Program clients and overnight guests. The latter may need to pay $10 each month for their stay, but during bad weather nights and holidays, it’s a fee. On the other hand, program clients don’t pay for their time in the shelter. Rooms in the facility are large with bunk beds. Interior is pretty basic, but it does put a roof over clients’ heads and gives them everything they need to stay off the street and recover from drug and alcohol addiction. The facility has an onsite laundry room, chapel, and a large cafeteria. Of course, residents get three meals a day. They spend quality time together and offer support, share experiences, and work on the recovery together. That’s what it’s all about.

Waterfront Rescue Mission Treatment Options

Like in other places, clients need to undergo a thorough assessment before they enroll in the treatment program. The whole purpose of the evaluation is to determine the severity of addiction in order to create a treatment plan that will work for that patient. Services at Waterfront Rescue Mission are available by referral at nearby community clinics and organizations.
Their residential recovery program lasts 12 months, and it is divided into two phases. During the first six months, clients work on their recovery while remaining six months are reserved for career development. This way Waterfront Rescue Mission not only helps homeless men on their recovery but helps them find employment and stay off the streets once the treatment is over. The curriculum is highly structured and provides teaching, counseling, and vocational transition opportunities that are firmly rooted in the Gospel and the Bible.
The treatment program at Waterfront Rescue Mission offers a great opportunity for clients to work on their personal and spiritual growth and enrichment in order to allow them to cope with everyday situations in a healthier manner. In addition to a Christian-based approach, the treatment program also focuses on the 12-step method, one of the most beneficial approaches to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Waterfront Rescue Mission Therapies Provided

Waterfront Rescue Mission is a charitable organization with limited finances, but they still did a great job making sure their clients get the necessary help to start a healthier life and get an opportunity to find employment and home. They also offer group and individual therapy sessions which are the core of the recovery process. Group therapy sessions discuss a variety of subjects, and they meet a few times a week or day, depending on the program structure. Bible learning is also incorporated in group therapies. On the flip side, individual therapies are more personal and focus on the spiritual and personal growth of a client in order to uncover roots of addiction and develop mechanisms that will help him beat substance use problems more effectively.

Waterfront Rescue Mission Payment Options

Keeping in mind Waterfront Rescue Mission is a charity, nonprofit organization and the fact they help homeless men services provided through their programs are free. The organization works thanks to helping from donations that people, organizations, businesses, and churches give. Everyone can help this organization to continue with their mission. One can donate money on the website of Waterfront Rescue Mission, buy something in their thrift stores, or apply to help out as a volunteer. All of us are in a position to help people in need, and there’s plenty of ways to make it happen.

Waterfront Rescue Mission Licenses

The organization was accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) in November 2009. Waterfront Rescue Mission had to meet strict criteria in order to obtain this important certification. This charity organization also has important partnerships such as those with Guide Star, Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, and the Chamber of Commerce. It is the partnership with important organizations together with certificates that help Waterfront Rescue Mission continue to do their job of helping men in need.

Waterfront Rescue Mission Amenities

Amenities that are associated with Waterfront Rescue Mission include:

  • Day Resource Center which includes a library, laundry, and offers a place to relax
  • Bible study
  • Peer support
  • Volunteering
  • Veterans affairs care program

Waterfront Rescue Mission Staff

The staff at this organization is comprised of state-certified drug and alcohol counselors, life coaches, but also volunteers. Everyone who wants to give back to society and volunteer can join Waterfront Rescue Mission and help the men in need. Many staff members went through the process of recovery, so they understand the way their clients think their feelings, thoughts, and concerns. The official website doesn’t reveal the roles of team members, just displays a list of leadership board which includes:

  • Devin Simmons – president
  • Jody Shoop – director, Ministry Operations
  • Ken Bell – chairman
  • Jason Grizzard – director, Ministry Programs

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