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Canopy Cove Overview

Canopy Cove is a rehabilitation center that was established with the idea of helping people recover from their eating disorders in mind. The facility can provide patients with a wide variety of treatment programs that all aim to assist in the treatment of various types of eating disorders, as the specialists, therapists, dieticians, and other staff members at Canopy Cover understands that there is quite a large range of different eating disorders that a person can develop.
With this in mind, each patient is provided an individualized and customized treatment plan that has been tailored to their specific condition – not only the particular type of eating disorder that they might be suffering from but also the severity of their condition.

Canopy Cove Housing

Canopy Cove offers a luxury housing option for every patient that needs to be admitted into their residential treatment programs, ensuring that patients can gain access to all the particular facilities and amenities that they might require during their recovery period. The facility is located on a large rolling hills area that measures 55 acres in total.
It does, at the moment, seem like the facility primarily specializes in providing treatment for female patients only, and the housing system can offer inpatient care for up to 16 female patients at a time. The relatively small number of patients that can be treated at a time is because the facility focuses on providing high-quality support and treatment services to every patient that needs to undergo treatment.

Canopy Cove Treatment Options

Canopy Cove has therapists, dieticians, and other medical staff members that are able to assist patients with different types of eating disorders; thus making this a complete treatment center for these conditions. Patients can be admitted to Canopy Cove when they are suffering from the following eating disorders:

  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • Binge Eating Disorder

All of these eating disorders can have a significant impact on a person’s life, causing them to either become underweight or overweight and possibly leading to additional health problems, such as nutritional deficiencies and serious medical diseases.
Patients are first required to undergo an admissions process when they arrive at Canopy Cove, where they will be interviewed by an appropriate staff member to determine if the facility would be able to assist them in their recovery journey.
Treatment programs that are currently offered by Canopy Cove include:

  • Adolescents Female Residential Program
  • Adult Female Residential Program
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • After Care Services
  • Partial Hospitalization Services

Canopy Cove Therapies Provided

Each patient who needs to undergo one of the treatment programs that Canopy Cove can offer them to help them address their eating disorder will be provided access to quality therapy sessions, which will be held as one-on-one individual sessions, as well as in groups at certain times.

Canopy Cove Payment Options

Patients can check their insurance benefits by getting in touch with the insurance specialist employed at Canopy Cover. A large number of insurance agencies in the United States to cover the costs of the treatment programs that the center provides, but the patients still need to verify that they are covered before being admitted to a treatment program at Canopy Cove.
In the event where a patient is not covered, they need to settle the complete bill before they are admitted to the center, or, alternatively, make an appointment with the financial counselor at the facility to discuss their options, such as financing through a third-party private lender, or possibly arranging a repayment plan that suits their monthly income.

Canopy Cove Accreditations

Canopy Cove has received a relatively large number of accreditations since they were originally founded. They have been officially accredited by the CARF non-profit organization, which means the services they provide are appropriate and the quality of their services have been assessed by professionals in the industry of rehabilitation centers. The facility is also a member of several foundations, including the IAEDP Foundation, ANAD, and the NEDA foundation.

Canopy Cove Amenities

All patients who are admitted to Canopy Cove to undergo treatment are provided access to a range of different amenities to ensure their stay is comfortable and an enjoyable moment in their lives. Each of the rooms is fitted with appropriate dressers and other storage units for the patient to store their personal belongings in. Kitchens are available to all residents who are undergoing treatment, and the living room offers several appliances that patients can make use of, including big screen televisions, leather couches, and other luxurious amenities.

Canopy Cove Staff

Canopy Cover has a relatively large number of medical staff members, who include program directors, clinical directors, nursing staff, and therapists, who are able to ensure that each of the patients admitted to the center can successfully recover from the eating disorder that is causing them difficulties in their own life. The facility has a page on their official website where they share a list of the most important staff members that are part of Canopy Cove.
Even though images, names, and roles at the facility are all shared on this page, the website does not offer any extensive details on these staff members, such as qualifications of the staff or the experience they hold.

  • Dr. Lynda Brogdon (PhD) – Founder of Canopy Cove
  • Donda Combs – Chief Executive Officer
  • Ashlee Benson – Clinical Director
  • Christie Merritt – Registered Dietician
  • Laura Sprinkle – Primary Therapist & Family Therapist
  • Jordan Wilson – Therapist
  • Karen Freeman – Therapist
  • Denise Kern – Insurance Specialist

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