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Hyde Park Rehab Review
215 W Verne Street, Suite B
Tampa, FL, 33606

Hyde Park is the second women-only residential rehab program that Sunspire Health has in its network, after the Rosebriar. The Hyde Park house is located in a quiet, tree-lined neighborhood close to downtown Tampa. The program is small to best help women suffering from a whole array of addiction and behavioral health disorders.

Escaping From Addiction

The Hyde Park neighborhood of Tampa is only steps away from the Bayshore waterfront. The house where the Hyde Park program resides matches its central Florida setting. It is an old Victorian house renovated after Sunspire Health incorporated it into its network.

Tropical, key lime green colors cover the front of the house. Palm trees abut the main entrance. The neighborhood and surrounding areas contain even more vivid greenery.

The rooms (the house has a capacity for 20 women) can sleep two women at a time. The rooms have tasteful furnishings with Venetian blinds deftly providing both illumination and privacy. Most of the other rooms located throughout the house are therapy.

Given its urban setting, most of the other rooms do not offer much in the way of space. But Hyde Park makes use of the compactness to forge a greater intimacy between its residents.There is a central kitchen where women prepare their meals as a way to further strengthen the bonds developing between residents.

Talking to Her

Inpatient services are the order of the day, but Hyde Park also allows for outpatient and partial hospitalization options. The complement of treatment options at Hyde Park matches the wide range of women-specific afflictions that women at Hyde Park suffer through.

There are currently no detox facilities available at Hyde Park, but if need be, staff can make referrals to local hospitals and clinics. Because of its small size, however, Hyde Park is the ideal place for women to be in to address difficult life problems.
All the staff is female, and they are trained specifically to treat body image and eating disorders, which is the main reason why women choose to go into residence at Hyde Park. However, process addictions can exist alongside substance use and dual diagnosis disorders as well, so the staff at Hyde Park also apply treatments to treat those conditions.

Options for treatment are all specialized for a woman’s particular affliction. Depending on the treatment plan created with their primary therapist, women can receive individual counseling, then move on to group sessions.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and relapse prevention classes all play into helping a woman overcome her life crises. Since so many of the women who reside at Hyde Park have experienced some form of trauma in their lives, Hyde Park employs specialized treatments to address traumatic experiences.

EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is one of the evidence-based therapies Hyde Park uses to treat post traumatic stress disorders. Psychodrama sessions also help patients live through their painful memories. Participants engage in role play to analyze their traumas and thereby lessen its impact on their everyday life.

Women Helping Women

While in residence at Hyde Park women not only attend evidence-based therapy sessions, but they engage in a wide array of other activities designed to help them overcome their problems. Community events, like walks for breast cancer, form a part of giving women a way to reintegrate themselves back into normalcy.

Family healing also lets women repair whatever relationships were negatively affected before their recovery. Weekends are planned around restoring familial bonds, and many women report experiencing positive breakthroughs during this crucial time in their recovery.

All women who go through the inpatient residential program can, upon finishing, continue attending therapy sessions at Hyde Park as outpatients. There is an Intensive Outpatient Program as well as a partial hospitalization program for anyone who feels like solidifying their treatment plans.

Hyde Park addresses a particular demand. Women who have suffered through numerous traumatic experiences and developed addictions or other co-occurring disorders can feel safe and welcome at Hyde Park, since it specializes in treating such women, with evidence-based as well as holistic, more grassroots therapies.

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Hyde Park
215 W Verne Street, Suite B
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