The Recovery Village, Umatilla, Florida

The Recovery Village
635 Umatilla Blvd
Umatilla, FL, 32784

Besides plenty of sun, Florida provides help for those struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. The Recovery Village is one of the many residential rehab facilities scattered across the country. It is located in Umatilla and provides treatment for drug and alcohol addiction and dual diagnosis; eating disorders and mental health issues are also treated in The Village.

The Recovery Village: Programs, Treatments, and Staff

Comprehensive and holistic approach to alcohol and drug treatment provide strong building blocks for recovery.

The first step is medical detox. Each client is evaluated to see if medical detox is actually needed. If so, a 10-day onsite nursing care is available for additional $7,500. The detox services are provided around the clock, adjusted to each client’s needs.

The next step after detox is residential treatment. This treatment includes various services: medication management, meetings with a psychiatrist, a community meeting group, ongoing review of treatment goals, individual therapy, and group therapy. Daily group therapy covers different important topics – introduction to the 12-step program, grief and loss, sexuality, trauma survival, self-esteem, family patterns, interpersonal relationships, etc. Aftercare and discharge planning are essential parts of this level of care.

Also as after—detox treatment and besides residential treatment, Recovery Village provides partial hospitalization program, or PHP. PHP implies onsite housing and 24/7 access to nursing staff, but before starting with this type of treatment, each client is assessed by the staff members to determine the course of further treatment. PHP relies on evidence-based treatment, skill enhancement, and the 12-step program.

Umatilla, Florida outpatient center offers step-down programs – both outpatient and intensive outpatient level of care. This kind of treatment may or may not be step-down from a higher level of care. Individual counseling and group therapy are the core parts of the outpatient treatment at The Recovery Village.

Intensive outpatient program differs from standard outpatient program because it allows patients to live in sober housing, or at home during the recovery treatment. Clients are “equipped” with coping skills and relapse prevention skills so they can implement them no matter where they are. Group therapy is held several times per week. IOP proved to be effective in reestablishing the usual activities and daily routines.

Clients are safe and sound with the helping hands of 12 counselors, a psychiatrist, a medical director and plenty of nurses.

Facilities and Extras

Rooms at The Recovery Village are double-occupancy and simply furnished. The detox and therapy session rooms are close to living quarters. Television and personal mp3 players are allowed, as opposed to internet access and mobile phones.

Healthy meals are prepared by the resident chef and are served in a buffet style. And while snacks and juices are available for those who want something extra, caffeine is not allowed.

Clients can enjoy in recreational activities by attending yoga, going to the gym, or by using the swimming pool. Martial arts and equine therapy are part of the holistic approach of The Village. Outings are organized on Saturdays and they include going to the movies and bowling. Massage and acupuncture are available at an additional cost.

The Recovery Village strongly supports family involvement in the recovery process. Family members are free to visit during visiting hours and attend family therapy sessions. Conference calls are always an option for those family members who can’t come in person. Another aspect of family involvement is a family week, during which the clients spend more time with their family and attend lectures, group therapies, and sessions together.

Rules and Regulations at The Recovery Village

The first step of the admission process is assessment in order to establish client’s eligibility and the appropriate level of care.

The cost of The Recovery Village treatment is $20.000 for 30 days. Village’s staff works directly with the client’s insurance provider to find the most suitable payment option. Most major health plan insurances are accepted. The use of prescription drugs like methadone and Suboxone is covered in most cases, but not necessarily.


The Recovery Village in Florida provides a well-structured, coherent system of substance abuse recovery. Each step of the way, starting from the initial assessment through inpatient or outpatient treatment, to discharge, is carefully planned and monitored. Intensive counseling and a variety of recreational activities wrapped with sunrays, make a rather appealing combination.

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The Recovery Village

635 Umatilla Blvd

Umatilla, FL 32784



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