North Tampa Behavioral Health, Wesley Chapel, Florida

North Tampa Behavioral Health
29910 FL-56
Wesley Chapel, FL, 33543

North Tampa Behavioral Health opened its doors in 2013 and is now one of the leading addiction and mental health rehab centers in the Tampa area. North Tampa Behavioral Health offers inpatient and outpatient treatments to adults over 18. North Tampa also has specialized care for veterans suffering from addiction and PTSD.

A Safe Place

North Tampa Behavioral Health is located just outside of Tampa in the small suburb of Wesley Chapel. The facility itself appears to have sprung up from nothing, given the undeveloped flatlands that surround the facility’s walls. Although this is far from a detriment, since a quiet, secluded setting is most conducive to help treat addiction disorders.

The best words to describe the North Tampa Behavioral Health center would be “non-descript.” It is not an architectural or interior design marvel.

There are plenty of neutral colors and wood-paneled furnishings. The units where patients in the inpatient program reside give off a distinct, clinical feeling.

Glass dividers separate some of the rooms, making medical monitoring that much easier. Nurses’ stations are also a central feature of the residential units with a station located at the end of each hallway.

It is important to note, however, that the inpatient program is designed to stabilize a person medically and psychologically, with the ultimate aim being their prompt exit to an outpatient setting. So while the inpatient facilities are not necessarily luxurious, they are not designed to be comfortable place to relax or watch TV.

There are recreational spaces though. An ample basketball court and indoor gym are there for patients to use if they need to work off some tension.

Finding Your Way North

The inpatient program at North Tampa Behavioral Health is a short-term program. It combines elements of detox and residential program to give patients a helping hand to step-down to outpatient or partial hospitalization programs.

Entrants to the inpatient program can admit themselves or be referred to the program by other healthcare facilities. Clients are typically pre-screened either over the phone or in-person (people assessed over the phone still need to undergo a face-to-face assessment before being admitted).

The criteria for admittance to either the inpatient or outpatient treatment formats at North Tampa is based mainly on the severity of a person’s addiction or mental health disorder. Entrants who present as threats to themselves or others or who cannot function normally due to their mental health status are typically the people who gain entrance to the program.

Those people who are unable to take care of themselves or who require round-the-clock care are excluded. Outpatient treatments can vary from medically assisted therapies to intensive group and individual counseling.

The partial hospitalization format is North Tampa’s most comprehensive program. Sessions take place five days a week, from 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. The outpatient setting is the last treatment track available at North Tampa, with sessions three days a week from the morning till noon.

Treating Heroes

The C.O.R.E. (Challenge, Overcome, Restore, Empower) program at North Tampa is a specially designed program for veterans suffering from addiction and traumatic stress disorders. Treatments run the range from group and individual counseling to more physical and holistic treatments like yoga and meditation.

The North Tampa Behavioral Health Center is a program perfectly suited for the area that it services. Its proximity to residential areas makes it an attractive choice to receive acute care for addiction and mental health emergencies. While the partial hospitalization and outpatient program ensures quality care without the residential aspect included.

Prices for 30 days at North Tampa Behavioral Health: $1,000-$1,400

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North Tampa Behavioral Health
29910 FL-56
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543



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