Cameron Villas, West Palm Beach, Florida

Cameron Villas Rehab Center Review
4292 Beech Circle
West Palm Beach, FL, 33406

Cameron House is transitional living facility founded to help clients who are dealing with substance abuse. Sometimes, the center is referred as a halfway house. The center operates on two locations—Palm Springs and Lake Worth. Both facilities provide a safe environment for men struggling with addiction.

The staff of the center provides constant support for their clients. Also, parents and family members of the residents are encouraged to ask questions regarding their loved one’s recovery.

Living facilities are equipped with a washer and dryer. Residents can enjoy watching TV and they have access to free Wi-Fi. Additionally, clients have access to the kitchen that can accommodate their every nutritional need and where they prepare meals for themselves.

Both facilities have the capacity to receive up to 30 residents.

Cameron Villas: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The treatment in Cameron Villas is based on 12-step philosophy. Therefore, attendance to the local AA or NA meetings is mandatory. The primary goal of the treatment is to provide safe and supportive environment during the first couple a months after the residential treatment.

People at the Cameron Villas are aware that there is a requirement for a proper environment when it comes to addiction recovery. This is why both residents and the staff at the Cameron Villas are striving to achieve as great a sense of unity and fellowship as possible. By providing each other with mental and emotional support the residents can overcome obstacles that would seem insurmountable to them at first.

Besides administrative personnel, the staff in the Cameron Villas includes three community managers.

Facilities and Extras

The center provides transportation to the local community for the AA and NA meetings. Also, trips to the beach and other location made for spending leisure time are organized by the staff members.

Residents of Cameron Villas can also enjoy swimming pool, gym, computer rooms, pizza parties, gaming room, occasional barbeque, and basketball court.

Toiletries are provided for the admission, as well as medical services. Additionally, two or three managers are on campus 24/7.

Rules and Regulations

Random drug testings are conducted three to four times a week. Also, working relationship with a sponsor and attendance to 12-step meetings are mandatory. Clients of the Cameron Villas are obligated to seek for full-time employment or go to school.

The cost of a 30-day stay in the center is $700.


Cameron Villas is a supportive living facility that provides a temporary home for 30 men in two separate locations. Clients can enjoy playing basketball, swimming in the pool, or exercising at the gym. Also, staff organizes picnics and trips to the beach. The treatment program is based on 12-step philosophy. Therefore, attendance to the AA and NA meetings are obligatory.


Cameron Villas

4292 Beech Circle

West Palm Beach, FL 33406


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