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Singer Island Treatment Center Review
4460 Medical Center Way
West Palm Beach, FL, 334070

Singer Island Treatment Center is an addiction rehabilitation facility located in a tropical environment of Palm Beach County. Besides addiction treatment, this rehab center offers treatment for patients who suffer from other mental health problems along with substance abuse.

The capacity of Singer Island Treatment Center is 65 clients, who are placed in two- or three-bed bungalow apartments. Each apartment has a private bathroom, table, kitchenette, and a couch.

In Singer Island Treatment Center, clients can also enjoy lounging areas with a beach view, spa treatments, and acupuncture.

Singer Island Treatment Center: Treatment Programs and Staff

The treatment in Singer Island Center is mainly based on a 12-step program. Patients can take part in individual or group therapy sessions.

Other therapy options include:

  • Equine therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music classes
  • Chiropractic treatments
  • Gym

The center doesn’t offer its clients detox services, but the medical doctor is always available if needed. Also, every counselor and therapy specialist has a Master’s degree.

The maximum stay in Singer Island Treatment Center is 90 days, but most of the patients stay between 30 and 45 days.

Singer Island Treatment Center: Facilities and Extras

Besides beautiful tropical surroundings, the clients of Singer Island Treatment Center can enjoy the gym, spa treatments, and diverse trips to the town. Also, the center offers free treatment for clients who relapse.

Rules and Regulations at Singer Island Treatment Center

One of the rules of Singer Island Treatment Center is that the interaction between men and women is limited only to recreational activities; male and female residents stay in separate rooms.

Also, patients go grocery shopping, and they prepare their own meals.

The price of a 30- day stay at Singer Island Treatment Center is $11,500.


Singer Island Treatment Center is addiction rehab facility that offers treatment to its clients based on the 12-step program and the therapy sessions can be group or individual.

One of the patients’ duties (as part of the treatment) is to go grocery shopping and preparing their own meals during their stay at the center.

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