Bluff Plantation, Augusta, Georgia

Bluff Plantation
963 Bennock Mill Road
Augusta, GA, 30906

The Bluff Plantation is an exclusive, inpatient drug rehab program that does not shy away from its antebellum ancestry. It caters to a particular kind of client. Bluff Plantation is for the person who expects the latest in addiction and substance abuse treatment, while at the same time luxuriating on the 178-acre property that abuts the Savannah River and being served sumptuous meals from a five-star, professional chef.

All That Glitters

You should not mistake the Bluff Plantation’s bluster regarding its luxurious setting and excellent service amenities with a priority on style over substance. In the same breath, as it boasts of its proximity to the famous Augusta Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, where the Masters Golf Tournament takes place, the Bluff Plantation makes equal mention of its ties to the local medical community. Its inpatient detox facility is supervised by addiction doctors from the Medical College of Georgia.

Since the Bluff Plantation only services inpatient residents, all of its programs and treatments are administered at its central Augusta location. The facility is broken up into various cottages which taken together can hold up to 16 residents at any one time.

The cabins are spacious enough for two people, although some residents can be given more private accommodations should they request them. Given its private setting and its therapeutic mission, the Bluff Plantation is free from modern distractions like the internet and TV, which aids in putting the focus on your treatment .

The Bluff Plantation’s medical team is led by medical director William S. Jacobs, M.D.. Bluff Plantation employs psychologists, psychiatrists, registered nurses, and addiction case managers to guide you through the treatment plan that they have designed with you.

Once your 28-days are up (the usual length of a stay at Bluff Plantation), you will meet with a continuous care coordinator to ensure that you stay sober after you’ve left the facility. They will direct you to outside treatment possibilities, like therapists and sober-living facilities that can help continue your sobriety.

Finding Pleasure in Sobriety

Other programs, based on short-term treatment episodes that seek solely to address acute issues like getting you off of substances, are marked by a repeat of learned behavior. The Bluff Plantation program is much more long-term in its vision.

Avoiding relapses and providing long-term solutions to chemical dependency are central tenets of the Bluff Plantation’s treatment philosophy. The Bluff Plantation treats your addiction as if it were a chronic illness, like diabetes or heart disease.

To that effect, it emphasizes administering long-lasting treatments. These treatments address underlying problems to not only treat your disease but to make sure it stays cured once you have left their care.

The brain’s chemistry and its state of disrepair because of chronic substance abuse is a focus of the Bluff Plantation’s treatment model. The Bluff Plantation seeks to rewire your brain’s pleasure centers.

Everything, from its tranquil setting to the reduced amount of sugar and processed food served by its five-star kitchen, is aimed at reducing dopamine levels to restore a semblance of balance to your body’s chemical makeup.

Once you are ensconced in the lush surroundings of the Bluff Plantation, you should expect your treatment plan to not only emphasize cognitive behavioral and support group therapy but more holistic treatments. This is all to try and make your brain respond positively to different stimuli, thereby reducing your chances of relapsing after you’ve finished your treatment.

Meditation classes are incorporated into your daily treatment schemes, as well as yoga classes. Meditation and yoga both aim to reduce stress, calm your mind and strengthen the bond between body and spirit.

Making you more aware of your body’s fragility, while increasing its flexibility and endurance, is one of the ways you move away from the pleasurable sensations of substance abuse. The myriad of positive benefits that exercise has on your body and mind is also a part of the Bluff’s treatment modalities.

New Life, New Rewards

The Bluff Plantation is a luxury rehab, make no mistake about it. But that focus on the best of the best also extends to their ideas on treating your disease, namely, your addiction. The science of the brain plays a significant role in their approach. They seek to replace chemicals as your primary source of pleasure with meditation, yoga and even equine therapy.

You and your needs are their only focus. Bluff Plantation does their best to try and reduce the burdens of life by replacing them with personalized care, impeccable service and a natural setting that cuts off the stresses of the modern world so that you can focus on getting better.

Price for 30 days at Bluff Plantation: $45,000

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Bluff Plantation
963 Bennock Mill Road
Augusta, GA 30906






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