The Bradley Center of Saint Francis Hospital, Columbus, Georgia

Columbus, Georgia, USA
2000 16th Ave
Columbus, GA, 31908

The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital Overview

The St. Francis Hospital was initially founded in 1950 and has since provided patients with a large range of services to address common healthcare needs. The facility is quite large, with a total of 376 beds that can be used to provide patients with different types of treatment services. There are also over 300 physicians and medical professionals at the facility who are able to provide various services to the patients who are admitted to a department within the hospital.
The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital is a division of this non-profit hospital that specializes in the treatment of addictions. The addiction treatment department is able to provide the substance abuse recovery programs to adults, adolescents, and to senior patients – and each of these patient groups will be treated at a specific unit that has been dedicated to providing specialty addiction treatment services.

The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital Housing

The majority of patients who require treatment for their addictions will be admitted to a residential program at the Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital. This particular department is divided into multiple sections, each offering treatment to a specific group of patients. Rooms are gender-specific, which means a male patient will not be admitted to a room where a female patient is being housed during their time in recovery. There are currently three divisions within the Bradley Center where addiction treatment programs are being administered.
These divisions can provide treatment for up to 20 adults at a time, 18 adolescents, and up to 10 senior patients with active addictions and mental health problems. A crisis unit has also been established for more urgent situations, where up to 30 patients can be treated at a time. The crisis unit is also used to administer detoxification services to patients during their first few days in treatment.

The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital Treatment Options

The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital is primarily promoted as an addiction treatment facility where patients can come if they have an active dependency on alcohol or chemicals. In addition to being able to treat patients with addictions, we also found that a range of mental health treatment programs can be offered to patients at this division of the St. Francis Hospital as well. Additionally, a dual-diagnosis program can assist in treating both addictions and co-occurring mental disorders simultaneously.
Every patient first has to undergo an initial assessment before they can be treated at this center. During this assessment, a counselor will determine how the center might be able to help the patient and what type of treatment protocols need to be administered to ensure long-term recovery.
Treatment services that may be offered to the patient as part of their recovery program include:

  • Adult inpatient treatment services
  • Partial hospitalization services
  • Adolescent inpatient treatment
  • Detoxification services
  • Prevention services and educational programs
  • Senior inpatient treatment services
  • Crisis stabilization services

The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital Therapies Provided

Therapy plays a major part in the treatment programs that the counselors at the Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital develop for each of the patients who are admitted to the facility. Patients will go through individual therapy sessions on a daily basis in most cases. There are also frequent group sessions with a licensed counselor where patients are taken through several steps that will ultimately aid in their recovery.

The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital Payment Options

Patients who are insured through either a federally-funded health care program or a private insurance provider can bring their insurance card to the Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital in order to determine if their current insurance policy would pay for the services that they need to be provided with for a successful recovery. In cases where patients are not insured, the patient may either pay for the treatment program that has been developed for them before they are admitted or arrange a repayment plan with the financial counselor.

The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital Accreditations

There are no details provided in terms of any particular amenities or licenses that the Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital, or the St. Francis Hospital in general, holds. After researching their website, we did not find any information that suggested the hospital is licensed, but this does not necessarily mean that the Georgia state health department has not analyzed the services of the hospital. Patients are advised to contact the center before they are admitted to undergo treatment if they would like to verify their licensing information or check if the center has been accredited by CARF or the Joint Commission.

The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital Amenities

The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital focuses on providing the patient with treatment programs that help the patient through their journey to recovery and sobriety. There are no significant amenities that are noteworthy at the center, apart from a common area where patients can gather if they wish to socialize between the therapy sessions that are provided to them as part of their treatment.

The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital Staff

The Bradley Center of St. Francis Hospital does not offer an overview of the specific staff members that are involved in the addiction treatment department at the hospital. Patients are able to visit the hospital’s main website to search their database of medical professionals, but there are no indication of the particular physicians, therapists, counselors, and nurse practitioners that will be overseeing the patients who are admitted to one of the addiction recovery programs that the facility is able to offer the patient with.

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