The House of T.I.M.E., Inc., Columbus, Georgia

Columbus, Georgia, USA
1200 Wynnton Road
Columbus, GA, 31906

Overview of The House of T.I.M.E., Inc.

The House of T.I.M.E. is a rehabilitation center for women aged 18 and above that have been struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. The mission at the House of T.I.M.E. (This I Must Earn) is to provide high-quality long-term, residential treatment to homeless women who have a history of addiction and mental health issues. The center offers a rigorous, long-term residential program for women who have attended some addiction treatment program but have not been able to maintain sobriety for long. It also provides transitional and permanent supportive housing to women and their children. Each client is treated as a whole person through a personalized treatment plan specifically designed for her. Through the extensive support services provided by the center, clients are able to prevent relapse and chronic homelessness. Women are empowered to change their behavior to hold themselves responsible for their actions. The Housing programs provide a phased approach to treatment including an alumni program. This enables them to maintain sobriety after leaving the facility. They are able to get jobs and secure stable and permanent housing. Women are enabled to realize their true potentials and achieve their goals in a meaningful and productive life.

Housing and Food

The House of T.I.M.E. is located in Columbus, Georgia in a home-like setting. Residential programs are carried out in separate buildings while four independent houses serve as living areas for residents. Each house is shared among four to seven women. There are three to four bedrooms in each house. Each bedroom is shared between two residents typically. Rooms are furnished in comfortable and cozy beds, dressers, and closets. Every house has a bathroom which residents share. There are livings rooms in the houses where residents can relax in free times. Residents’ children, if any, also stay with them in the houses. Residents are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the houses. They are assigned daily chores which they have to complete. Each house has a kitchen where residents prepare meals themselves. Meals are then eaten together in the dining rooms. Snacks are also provided to clients in between meals. Apart from the therapies that are offered to residents, a number of outdoor and indoor activities are also made available. Residents can take part in sports, arts, and other leisure activities. Nursery and childcare facilities are also offered for children. A small playground is available for children of residents.

Treatment Options at the House of T.I.M.E.

The different treatment options available at the House of T.I.M.E. are:

  • Residential Program
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Transitional Housing Program
  • Permanent Supportive Housing Program

The following substances’ abuse is treated at the House of T.I.M.E.:

  • Alcohol
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Prescription Drugs


The House of T.I.M.E. offers the following therapies to its clients:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • GED Instruction
  • Counseling
  • Budgeting Classes
  • Nutrition Education
  • Relationship Building and Recovery
  • Parenting Classes
  • Life Skills Development
  • Job Training

Payment Options at the House of T.I.M.E.

The House of T.I.M.E. offers individualized treatment to women struggling with addiction, substance abuse, and homelessness. The center treats each client individually through a treatment plan which is specially designed for her. The cost of treatment is free when a woman gets admitted in the program. However, after she has successfully completed her treatment and secures a job, she is required to pay 30% of her paycheck to the treatment center as fees for the services she received. Apart from that, the center also collects donations which help in running the center and providing facilities for the staff and residents.

Licenses and Accreditations

The House of T.I.M.E. has the following accreditations and licenses:
Licensed by the State of Georgia

The House of T.I.M.E. Advantages

The House of T.I.M.E. offers comprehensive treatment services to women who have had long-term issues with addiction and homelessness. The center typically serves those women who have already attended some residential program but had been unsuccessful in remaining sober for long. The treatment programs at the House of T.I.M.E. provide rigorous and extensive support services which enable clients to rediscover the faith, hope, and trust needed to regain control of their lives. They are able to restructure their lives and adhere to the rules and regulations of the programs. This empowers women to reclaim their lives and achieve lasting recovery. They are able to secure good jobs and housing for themselves and their families once they leave the facility. The center also offers transitional housing and permanent supportive housing programs for women. The alumni program further assists them in preventing relapse.

Staff at the House of T.I.M.E.

Sandy Watson, MBA, CIS
Executive Director

Sandy has been serving as the Executive Director at the House of T.I.M.E. since 2005. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Management with a minor in Psychology and Marketing and a Master’s in Business Administration. She also has a Project Management Certification. Before joining the House of T.I.M.E. she served at various managerial positions.

Amy Jones
Residential Manager

Amy joined the House of T.I.M.E. in 2001. Her responsibilities as the Residential Manager include providing service management for all residents. She also coordinates fundraising events and donation causes which gives residents an opportunity to interact with the community during their treatment.

Suzi Kahler, MS, LPC
Clinical Coordinator/ Counselor

Suzi has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters degree in Counseling and Human Development from Troy State University. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has over 28 years of experience working in the behavioral healthcare industry and addiction treatment centers.

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