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Overview of Bridges of Hope

The Bridges of Hope is a long-term residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation program in Homerville, Georgia. This center offers services to only male patients. It is not a traditional treatment center and does not provide medical, psychiatric and professional counseling to its residents. The facility does not offer detoxification services nor does it accept patients with dual-diagnosis. It is basically a recovery program that uses the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous as its foundation. Based on the A.A. Big Book and 12-steps, the entire program of healing and recovery is built. The recovery program uses therapies such as prayer and spiritual counseling to help patients suffering from addiction. Although, spirituality counseling is one of the main treatment options used at Bridges of Hope, it is not affiliated with any specific religion. Any person belonging to any religious orientation can join the program. The Bridges of Hope has five different locations in Georgia. Four of these facilities are specifically for men and one for women. The facilities are built in serene and peaceful environments which enable patients to recover with ease. The residents of the facility engage in various chores and community service which gives them a purpose and direction in life. This helps them in creating a positive outlook of life so that they can leave their addiction behind and achieve lasting recovery.

Housing and Food at the Bridges of Hope

The Bridges of Hope first started as a small farmhouse in Argyle, Homerville in Georgia in 1986. It admitted its first residents in 1987. The facility is built over 72 acres of beautiful farms and landscape. An outdoor sitting area overlooks a beautiful lake. The peaceful landscape and environment of the facility provides patients with an ideal atmosphere to embark on the road to recovery. Bridges of Hope is a 52 bed facility where residents share the dormitories among each other. It also has common rooms furnished in comfortable sofas and other furniture. An auditorium provides a space where lectures and spiritual treatment is given. Recreational facilities for patients are also provided in the form of snooker and table tennis. Residents take care of their personal laundry, housekeeping, cleaning etc. They also take part in vegetable gardening, greenhouse gardening and wood working. In their schedule, they are assigned to off-site community service as well.
Residents are responsible for their own cooking. They are assigned with different duties to be performed in the kitchen and all patients work together to prepare meals for the community. The facility has a dining room where residents sit together during meals. By performing activities and chores together, patients are taught teamwork and discipline.

Treatment Options

The different treatment options available at the Bridges of Hope are:

  • Residential Alcohol Addiction Rehab
  • Residential Drug Addiction Rehab

Following substances’ abuse is treated at Bridges of Hope:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs


Bridges of Hope provides the following therapies to its clients:

  • AA Big Book Studies
  • 12-step Integration
  • Small group Meetings
  • AA and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings
  • Off Premises AA Meetings
  • Vegetable gardening and Woodworking

Payment Options at Bridges of Hope

Bridges of Hope is not a medical or psychiatric treatment center for addiction, rather a recovery program for alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation. Since it does not offer medical, psychiatric or counseling services to clients, the cost of a 1-month stay at the facility is not a huge amount. The cost for this one month program is $800. Bridges of Hope does not accept insurance payments for their services. All operations and expenses at the center are covered by donations and charity. Patients wishing to join the recovery program have to submit an amount of $800 by cash or check as donation to the center.

Licenses and Accreditations of Bridges of Hope

The Bridges of Hope – Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Recovery is state licensed by the state of Georgia.

Why Bridges of Hope

Bridges of Hope – Residential Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery has been providing rehabilitation services to clients for more than 30 years. They offer a home like environment to patients where they live together as a community with other residents. Using the basic principles of AA studies and 12-step process, the center is able to help residents recover from their addiction. Daily AA meetings and counseling is carried out in groups. Spiritual healing is also a fundamental treatment therapy at the Bridges of Hope. The center involves residents in day to day tasks and therapeutic activities that provide them with a direction and goal in life. The vast green farms where the facility is located offers a peaceful and secluded environment for healing and recovery. Residents are self-sufficient in almost everything as they are responsible for cleaning, maintenance, cooking, housekeeping, and repair. Residents are also involved in traditional gardening as well as greenhouse gardening. All this helps in channelising their thoughts and activities towards a better and positive outcome. Although, the center does not accept dual disorder patients and other psychiatric patients, this is a good option for people suffering from addiction who just want a change and direction in their lives.

Staff at Bridges of Hope

  • Winfred Murphy – Executive Director, Luthersville, GA
  • William Richards – Chairman, Jacksonville, FL
  • Jennifer Fries – Secretary/Treasurer Claxton, GA
  • Faye Vickers Douglas – GA
  • Irvin Lawson – Morven, GA
  • Brookins Beck– Milledgeville, GA
  • Aden Griffis – Douglas, GA
  • David E. Morgan, III – Abbeville, GA
  • Glenn Hendrix – Nahunta, GA
  • Larry Daniel – LaGrange, GA
  • Tim Moncus – LaGrange, GA
  • Donnie Poole – Helena, GA

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