Mary Hall Freedom House, Roswell, Georgia

southern suburbs in Atlanta Georgia
445 Market Pl
Rosewell, GA, 30075

Mary Hall Freedom House Overview

Mary Hall Freedom House was founded to provide a safe environment for women with addiction-related issues to recover and heal. The facility has expanded over the last two decades and now offers a range of different services that target different types of substance abuse disorders. One particular aspect that is quite unique about the Mary Hall Freedom House is the fact that they have specially designed programs available for women who have children, offering both housing and treatment at the same time, while also attending to the well-being of the child as the mother is recovering from her addiction.
The services offered at the Mary Hall Freedom House does not only include addiction recovery programs anymore, however. Patients are welcomes at this center when they need to utilize a wide variety of additional services. The ultimate goal is to provide women a safe place to go to when they feel that they need help getting over an addiction to drugs or alcohol, when they suffer from a mental disorder when they find themselves in a homeless situation, or when they need to physical examination.

Housing at Mary Hall Freedom House

Even though the Mary Hall Freedom House started with a single facility 22 years ago, they now have nine programs and facilities in operation that offer inpatient and transitional housing programs. All of these facilities have been set up to accommodate women, as well as their children, as they recover from an addiction. The facilities that are operated by the Mary Hall Freedom House organization are all apartment buildings that are shared among the patients in treatment. The apartments are provided to patients thanks to partnerships that have been established between the organization and the owners of these apartment buildings.

Each of the buildings that Mary Hall Freedom House provides an opportunity to treat patients and offer specialized care under a specific treatment program that the organization has established. Some apartment buildings offer housing programs to women who find themselves in a situation where they do not have shelter for themselves and perhaps their children. The organization has specialized buildings that offer transitional housing programs, and there is a 90-day transitional housing program that offers intensive care and treatment to the patient to assist them in recovering from their addiction.

Treatment Options at Mary Hall Freedom House

Mary Hall Freedom House offers a wide variety of treatment services that are all tailored toward women who require a recovery solution for a drug or alcohol addiction that they might be suffering from. Housing services and intensive outpatient care programs are offered. All patients are first assessed to determine the most appropriate option that would help them recover and ensure the patient can become free of substances and enjoy a sober life.

Treatments, programs, and services offered include:

  • Emergency housing
  • Transitional housing
  • Veterans housing
  • Community housing
  • Day Treatment Services
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs
  • Residential Treatment Programs
  • Mental Health Treatment Programs
  • Parenting Training Services
  • Family Counseling
  • Psychological Testing and Counseling
  • Medical Services, including physical examinations

Payment Options at Mary Hall Freedom House

Mary Hall Freedom House does not provide any extensive information on the payment options that patients are presented when they undergo a program offered by the organization. It does, however, seem that some of the programs are offered for free. Patients who require treatment services with an existing income is required to pay a rate that is equal to 30% of their income while they undergo treatment at any of the facilities that are owned by this organization.


Mary Hall Freedom House has been accredited by CARF. This is a not-for-profit organization that ensures the rehabilitation centers that specializes in recovery treatment in the United States offer their patients quality care that enables the patient to overcome their addiction successfully.

Amenities at Mary Hall Freedom House

Extensive details on the amenities that are available at the Mary Hall Freedom Houses are not shared on their website. The organization does, however, provide information related to the fact that they offer full housing benefits to patients who need to undergo treatment to assist them in the recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. Patients are required to possibly share apartments in buildings that are operated by the organization. These facilities only offer services to women, as well as to their children if they have any.


While Mary Hall Freedom House does not provide a comprehensive list of the staff that is involved at their facilities, they do share details about their CEO and founder, as well as limited data on the board of directors that are involved in the organization.

Lucy Hall– CEO and Founder

Lucy knows what it feels like to suffer from an addiction, as she was faced with these issues since a young age. Her mother and several siblings lost their lives due to addictions and substance abuse. Lucy suffered from both drug and alcohol addiction herself. After going into recovery herself, Lucy set out on a mission to help others that were going through the path that she was once on – which led her to found the Mary Hall Freedom House.

  • Marita Anderson – Temple Emanu-El of Atlanta
  • Cindy Larkin – Chairperson at Horizon Leadership
  • Char Walker – Keller Williams Atlanta Partners
  • Jon Kleinberg – Transwestern

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