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The Insight Program Overview

The Insight Program is an outpatient treatment center for mental health illnesses, as well as to help patients address addictions to drugs and alcohol. While the center focuses on outpatient treatment services, they do have a program that gives patients access to sober living programs, where they can reside while they are being treated. The Insight Program has been providing patients with outpatient treatment programs for more than two and a half decades. They specialize in the treatment of adolescents and young adults with substance abuse disorders, with an age limit of 25 years.
While the company tends to focus on the traditional 12-step recovery program that is utilized by the majority of substance abuse treatment centers, they combine this program with other therapeutic techniques in order to provide a more effective approach to treating addictions. The Insight Program currently owns and operates facilities in a large number of areas within the United States, including Georgia and North Carolina.

The Insight Program Housing

The Insight Program mainly focuses on giving patients access to counseling services through outpatient treatment solutions. Even though the company provides patients with outpatient treatment options at their main facility, they do operate a separate sober living housing project where patients can stay while they are being treated. The “Step One” facility is a halfway house that offers accommodation for adult patients, aged between 18 and 25. Most patients will stay in this house or up to 90 days while they are being treated in an outpatient setting at the main facility. A “Step Two Recovery Center” is also owned by the company, providing accommodation for adolescent patients aged 13 to 17.

The Insight Program Treatment Options

Quite a long list of programs and treatment options are offered to patients at the Insight Program. Patients will be screened initially to help the staff at the facility determine how the patient should be treated, as each patient is provided with an individualized program that targets their specific symptoms and problems.
Treatment options that are part of the Insight Program’s services include:

  • Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Program (Separate programs for teens and young adults)
  • Outpatient Substance Abuse Program
  • Residential Substance Abuse Program (Housing at a separate facility)

The Insight Program Therapies Provided

All patients will undergo individual substance abuse counseling with a dedicated psychiatrist. The patient will be assisted through their recovery by their appointed psychiatrist. In addition to the individual counseling sessions, patients will also undergo group therapy sessions with their peers.

The Insight Program Payment Options

Patients need to take their insurance card with them to the Insight Program if they wish to utilize their insurance benefits for the treatment required to help them recover from their addictions. For patients who are not insured through a health care policy, a self-pay option is available.

The Insight Program Accreditations

The Insight Program does not offer any details regarding state-based licenses that they have obtained for the services they provide their patients with. We were also unable to determine if the facility has been accredited by the Joint Commission or any other association that specializes in reviewing the treatment options provided at rehabilitation centers.

The Insight Program Amenities

Patients are offered access to a sober living environment if they take part in the transitional living program offered at the Insight Program. The two houses owned by the company offer patients access to spacious rooms, fitted with twin beds. Up to three patients are required to share a room at both of the sober living houses. All rooms are gender-specific. Patients are provided access to a media room where they can watch TV. A separate room is available for patients to play board games and socialize.

The Insight Program Staff

The Insight Program is not completely transparent in terms of the staff members that are responsible for providing patients with the services that form part of their treatment program at the facility. While the company’s website does feature a single page that offers limited information about some staff members, no extensive details are available in regards to the treatment team.
There are many patients who would want to know about the professionals who will be helping them throughout their journey toward sobriety – such as the experience held by these professionals and the qualifications they have gained. Patients who want more details in regards to the Insight Program’s staff members other than what is provided on the company’s official website should reach out to the facility to gain more details.

Clint Stonebraker (C.A.C. II, C.S.A.C, C.C.S) – Executive Director

Clint Stonebraker has been in the field of addiction treatment since 1987. He founded the Insight Program in the year 1993 and had since provided patients in the local region with a range of treatment programs and options. He is an experienced substance abuse counselor and also acts as a counselor trainer. Clint is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor.

Matt Meyer – Program Director

Matt Meyer has been serving as a counselor and director at various programs that specializes in long-term treatment programs since 1998. He specializes in providing substance abuse recovery services to young adults.

Dr. Steven Jaffe (M.D.)

Dr. Steven Jaffe obtained his undergraduate degree from the Johns Hopkins University. He is also a graduate from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Steven Jaffe also completed his psychiatric residency at Mass Mental Health Center, as well as a pediatric internship at the UCLA.

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