Black Bear Lodge, Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia

Stone mountain park, Georgia, USA
310 Black Bear Ridge
Sautee Nacoochee, GA, 30571

Overview of The Black Bear Lodge

The Black Bear Lodge is a center that treats patients who suffer from alcohol addiction and substance abuse, this facility also has treatment plans for patients with various mental health disorders such as grief, depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. This facility takes the holistic approach when it comes to dealing with patients. A sub-acute detox program is taken by each resident during intake into the center, this detox is done to help cleanse the systems of the patients being admitted. This center has a focus on patients who suffer from dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorder, this is a disorder where a patient experiences both a substance abuse disorder and a mental illness simultaneously, at this center, special care is given to such residents to help them on their road to recovery. Length of treatment is 30 days with an option of 90 days for patients who may require extra care. This facility is located at a picturesque spot close to the Yonah mountains in Georgia, this calm and serene environment gives the resident a warm feeling and sense of comfort to help them recover in the best way possible, the staff at the center are well trained to provide the best care to all residents with the facility.

Housing and Food at The Black Bear Lodge

The Black Bear Lodge before becoming a rehabilitation center for patients who suffer from substance abuse was a luxury resort and was designed in a manner to foster peace and relaxation in the resort, the advantages of that is that it creates a serene surrounding for all patients coming into the facility. The lodge has 85 beds, with the rooms containing double beds, a dresser, and a bathroom for residents. The residents are allowed to bring some personal hygiene materials and enough clothes for their stay. There are recreational facilities within the center to help patients exercise and keep fit all while still receiving treatment at the facility. The grounds are kept and maintained by the staff at the center. The residents are fed three times a day, meals are prepared by the lodge chef, all food is served in the cafeteria.

Treatment Options

Below are some of the treatment and therapy options offered at the lodge:

  • Depression treatment
  • Addiction and Substance abuse treatment
  • Sub-acute detox treatm
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Inpatient residential treatment


Residents are passed through a sub-acute detox program as they are admitted into the facility. Patients are taken through the detox and helped during their period of withdrawal so they do not relapse.

Residential Treatment

Everyday distractions are taken out of the equation in this treatment, patients are made to give their full attention to the treatment so they can have a quick recovery. Residents are required to take time off from what they’re doing and focus solely on the treatment program.

Outpatient Drug Treatment

The outpatient treatment offers a large array of treatment options to help clients who are done with intensive treatment, the options are made available to help patients adjust to life outside the center and not relapse as soon as they leave.

These are the list of substances treated at the facility:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Bath salts
  • LSD
  • Ecstasy
  • Opium

Therapy Options

  • Family Therapy
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Gender-Separate Sub-Acute Detox Services
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy


Staying at the black bear lodge costs $29,600 for 30 days. Prices may differ due to the various treatment plans and length of stay at the facility. This center accepts payment via insurance making it an affordable option to clients. There is an option for clients to pay their bills online, through the center’s web page.


The Black Bear Lodge is accredited by The Joint Commission.

The Black Bear Lodge Advantages

This treatment center provides a suitable number of treatments to its patients to help them recover from any alcohol or substance abuse problems they might have. The specialty at this facility is dual diagnosis treatment, so there include various treatments for mental illness as well. To help the clients recuperate recreational activities are provided, the environment is a scenic one giving the patients a calm feeling of serenity. The facility has trained individuals handling matters concerning the patients and the center at large. The normal length of stay for each patient admitted into the center is 30 days with an option to extend if the patient deems fit.


Adam Marion
Chief Executive Officer

Adam Marion brings his experience as a previous CEO of Skywood Recovery Center and uses it well as the CEO of Black Bear Lodge. He has experience in this field and uses it to foster a relationship between his clients at the center.
He got his degree from the University of Georgia, the same town in which he was brought up in. he concentrates on patients that experience co-occurring disorders, also helps the families of such patients get through the treatment process.

Dr. Ken Thompson
Medical Director

Dr. Ken Thompson has over 20 years of experience to his name in treating addiction, got his certification from ASAM(American Society Of Addiction Medicine) 28 years ago.
He has treated professionals in different fields, he understands how addiction works and uses his knowledge to help individuals recover and take charge of their life.

Melissa Lee Warner, Md
Staff Physician

Dr. Melissa Lee Warner attended medical school in Norfolk, Virginia, and did a residency at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.
She joined The Black Bear Lodge team back in 2014, she is certified in addiction medicine and family medicine, previous positions held are a chief medical officer, assistant professor, and medical director. Her interest in addiction has helped make her a better caretaker and valuable staff of the clinic.

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