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Penfield Christian Homes Overview

The Penfield Christian Homes have been first founded in 1979 in Union Point, Georgia where their first rehabilitation facility for male patients only has been opened. Since then, as the success of the facility grew, they have expanded its grounds to Alapaha, with yet another men-only rehabilitation center, and one in Lavonia, Georgia, meant for female patients only. The Penfield Christian Homes serves as a rehabilitation center for troubled men and women, struggling with alcohol abuse issues, drug abuse issues, and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and attempts, etc.
The Penfield Christian Homes accepts Christian patients only, who are required to have their own pastor upon their arrival at the facility. As expected, the Penfield Christian Homes basis its teaching and treatment methods on the Christian learning, including regular Bible studies, prayers, and spiritual guidance as a normal part of their residential treatment program. The residential treatment program that lasts around six to eight weeks is the only treatment program offered at the Penfield Christian Homes. During this time, the family members of the patients are encouraged to take part in the recovery process of their loved ones, visiting them for the regular family therapy sessions as well as during visitation hours and over the weekends. Apart from family therapy sessions, the inpatient treatment program includes individual and group therapy sessions, and regular AA/NA meetings.

Penfield Christian Homes Housing

The Penfield Christian Homes main facility is in Union Point, Georgia. The facility owns three houses which are gender-specific. All of the three houses are located across Georgia. The main house in Union Point is where male patients are accommodated. Another house just for male patients is located in Alapaha, Georgia, while there is only one house where female patients are accommodated, located in Lavonia, Georgia. Around 42 patients can be accommodated in Union Point, around 30 in Alapaha, and around 30 female patients in Lavonia, Georgia.
All of the houses are furnished in the same, simple way. The patients are sharing rooms with each other, with two patients accommodated in one room with twin beds, desks, chairs, and wardrobes. All of the three meals are prepared and served on-site in the main cafeteria where the patients gather up and eat together. Dietary requirements are respected.

Penfield Christian Homes Treatment Options

At Penfield Christian Homes, you will find the following treatment options:
Residential treatment program – The residential treatment program, also known as the inpatient treatment program, at the Penfield Christian Homes requires patients to live on the grounds of the facility for as long as their treatment lasts. In most cases, depending on the progress of the patient and his/her medical condition, the inpatient treatment program lasts around six weeks for male patients and around eight weeks for female patients. The inpatient treatment program requires patients to take part in their assigned individual and group therapy sessions. Family therapy sessions are available to the patients as well. Relapse prevention has been considered to have a great role in the rehabilitation process, which is why it is normally a part of the inpatient treatment program at the Penfield Christian Homes. Bible studies, educational classes, and spiritual guidance all take place in the inpatient treatment program.

Penfield Christian Homes Therapies Provided

Therapeutic services that the patient is given access to at Penfield Christian Homes include:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Dual diagnosis

Penfield Christian Homes Payment Options

According to the official website of the Penfield Christian Homes rehabilitation center, most insurance plans are accepted at the facility. For more information on the topic, please contact the staff via email or phone.

Penfield Christian Homes Licenses

According to the official website of the Penfield Christian Homes rehabilitation center, the facility and its professional team enjoy the accreditation by the ADACBGA (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Certification Board for Georgia). The Penfield Christian Homes rehabilitation center has also been supported by The Georgia Baptist Healthcare Ministry Foundation. For more information, please contact the staff via email or phone.

Penfield Christian Homes Amenities

Outside their therapy sessions, the patients are free to spend their time playing basketball and volleyball on the private courts outside the facility. The family members of the patients are encouraged to visit the patients during their stay at the facility and enjoy a meal with them over the weekends. The family members can also take part in special education classes where they can learn all about the problem of addiction, what their loved one is going through, as well as, how they can help them through the process of recovery.

Penfield Christian Homes Staff

The professional team at the Penfield Christian Homes includes the friendly and supportive counselors who specialize in drug and alcohol abuse. Among them, pastors and members of the church visit the patients at the Penfield Christian Homes on a regular basis and serve as a part of the support team who helps the patients in their journey to recovery. For more information, please contact the staff via email or phone.

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