Port Of Hope Treatment Center Nampa, Idaho

West, Snake River, Idaho, United States.
508 East Florida Ave
Nampa, ID, 83686

Port Of Hope Treatment Center Overview

Port Of Hope Treatment Center is a non-profit organization that has been founded to deliver quality care to all patients who are going through a dark and tough time with chemical dependence and alcohol addiction. The center was established with the idea to provide patients access to affordable care that can help them recovery successfully, instead of aiming to obtain as much profit from the patient as possible. This gives the Port Of Hope Treatment Center a definite advantage of some alternative options, as all professionals that are involved at the center is dedicated to ensuring that each patient is treated with the best care that they can possibly offer them.

Port Of Hope Treatment Center Housing

Patients are given access to quality housing systems while they are staying at any of the centers that are part of this non-profit organization. All of the facilities that are owned by the Port Of Hope Treatment Center are relatively small to ensure each patient gets access to individualized care that keeps their recovery at the highest priority.
The location in Nampa, Idaho, can provide treatment to nine patients at a time. The organization can provide housing in two other facilities that they also own, should their Nampa location be full at the time of a new patient’s admission.

Port Of Hope Treatment Center Treatment Options

A variety of treatment options are offered and can be tailored to the needs of every patient that needs to undergo recovery treatment at the Port Of Hope Treatment Center.
Treatments that may be included in the patient’s recovery program man consist of:

  • 12-step recovery program
  • Residential detoxification
  • Inpatient recovery treatment
  • Outpatient recovery treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient recovery
  • DUI Evaluations
  • Educational Classes

Port Of Hope Treatment Center Therapies Provided

In addition to offering the patient quality care and treatment solutions, the Port Of Hope Treatment Center also has specialized and high-qualified professionals who are able to offer the patient a range of therapy solutions, including:

  • One-on-one psychiatry services
  • Group counseling with a qualified counselor
  • Group counseling without any counselor

Port Of Hope Treatment Center Payment Options

The cost of undergoing treatment at this non-profit organization largely depends on the specific programs that the patient is admitted to. Residential treatment options have higher bill payments attached to them, compared to outpatient treatment settings, but can offer the patient access to an appropriate environment that will encourage faster and better recovery.
Patients admitted to the residential treatment plan may need to go through the program for a total of 28 to 35 days in total, which will cost them between $4,200 and $5,250.
The specific amount depends on the treatment options required and the length of their stay at the center. The patient is responsible for their own bill payments and no information related to whether or not medical insurance plans can be utilized to undergo treatment at the facility has been provided. Patients should get in touch with the organization if they wish to learn if their specific insurance plan would cover treatment at the center, and to see if they can arrange a special repayment plan if the patient is unable to afford the full amount prior to their admission.

Port Of Hope Treatment Center Accreditations

While no accreditations are listed on the official website that represents the Port Of Hope Treatment Center, we did find that the non-profit organization has been licensed with the appropriate state authorities within Idaho, ensuring patients can know that they will be provided with care and support according to regulations set out by local authorities.

Port Of Hope Treatment Center Amenities

One of the greatest benefits that the Port Of Hope Treatment Center is able to offer its patients is the fact that an adequate number of medical staff have been employed at the facility to keep the patient-to-staff ratio as low as possible. With this in mind, the patient is provided access to a generally higher level of care, and would, therefore, have an easier time becoming sober and then preventing relapse in the near future.
Patients are also provided with daily meals, as well as access to a variety of snacks between meals, as well as before bedtime. Goal setting meetings are also held in order to help the patient plan for their future, as well as to ensure the patient knows what to look forward to when they complete their treatment plan and become sober.

Port Of Hope Treatment Center Staff

Even though Port Of Hope Treatment Center has a website that provides extensive details on the services they provide, along with an overview of their history and the mission they strive toward, the website does not provide an overview of the staff members that are part of the treatment center. There are many patients who feel more comfortable when they can get a better understanding of the professionals who will be providing them with support and care during their stay at a facility like the Port Of Hope Treatment Center.
Fortunately, it does seem like the non-profit organization is geared toward the satisfaction and sobriety of each patient, which means individuals who might be interested in undergoing treatment at the facility should pay them a visit to learn more about the professional staff members involved in providing counseling, psychiatry, and other services provided by the center.

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