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ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions Overview

ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions is part of a network that operates a number of facilities in the region, known as the ABRAXAS Group. The goal of the entire group is to make addiction recovery services more accessible and affordable to local communities; thus promoting sobriety among the general population. This is a full-service center, as a variety of programs are offered to patients who come to ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions with the hopes of being given a chance to recover from their addictions.
While the programs that patients are offered at this facility mainly focuses on helping them overcome any addictions that they might have succumbed to, it should be noted that the center is also equipped with staff members and appropriate programs that can help to address certain types of mental health conditions that patients might be experiencing as co-occurring disorders.

ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions Housing

ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions currently operates a single facility where patients can be provided access to accommodation while they are in recovery. The facility is divided into several departments in order to provide more specialized care to those individuals who come to the company for help in overcoming addictions that they are suffering from. The building has not only been divided based on the type of treatment program that a patient is given access to, but also based on their gender.
The co-ed department, which offers treatment for those patients with both addiction problems and co-occurring disorders, can provide accommodation for up to 16 patients at a time. The women’s unit offers accommodation for 16 patients as well, while the gender-specific men’s unit can facilitate a larger number of patients at a time, with a total of 25 beds available. Bedrooms are shared by up to three patients at a time.

ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions Treatment Options

ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions is equipped with appropriate staff members and treatment programs to ensure patients can go from addict to recovered addict during their time at the facility. There are different types of programs that patients may be admitted to when they come to the facility. A counselor will be able to determine what programs the patient need to undergo to help them recover from their condition.
The current treatment options that patients are provided access to, based on their individual circumstances and condition, include:

  • Detoxification services
  • Inpatient treatment program
  • Outpatient treatment program
  • Intensive outpatient treatment program

Co-occurring disorders can also be effectively treated at ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions.

ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions Therapies Provided

Qualified therapists are employed at ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions to ensure patients can gain access to the therapy services they need to address the root causes of their mental disorders and their addictions. All patients undergo one-on-one psychiatric sessions, with the addition of weekly group sessions to help patients catch up with each other and share their progress with their peers.

ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions Payment Options

No specific details are provided in terms of the payment options that patients can make use of when they are admitted to any of the programs that ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions offer them. We did note that the company utilizes a sliding-scale system to determine the fee for each patient. This means patients will need to undergo a review with a financial counselor in most cases to help the facility determine the patient’s current financial situation and set up a bill that the patient will be able to afford.

ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions Accreditations

No details of the accreditations that national bodies have provided the ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions facility or the network of facilities that acts as the parent company of this facility have been provided. There are also no details of any type of licenses that the facility has been granted by local state-based departments in the Illinois region.
For many patients, understanding the credentials held by a rehabilitation facility is crucial. Contacting the company directly may yield more accurate data on their credentials.

ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions Amenities

While ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions aim to be as affordable as possible for patients who are suffering from addictions, they do have various amenities available that can help to make the patient feel more at ease during their treatment period. Patients who are admitted to a residential program are provided access to a large kitchen, along with a common area, where the patients may enjoy some television shows.

ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions Staff

Patients usually feel insecure about making a move such as to contact a facility in regards to undergoing treatment for the addictions that they might have developed. This is understandable, which is why many facilities tend to share details of the staff involved at the company with the patient – this will help the patient see that the staff are professional and to ensure the patient can understand that they will be given a real chance at recovery.
Unfortunately, we were unable to find any details related to the specific staff members, including management staff, a clinical team, or the medical team, that are involved in the treatment programs that patients are offered when they are being treated at ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions.
Patients who would like to know more details of the staff members and whether they are appropriately experienced in dealing with substance dependency issues should get in touch with the facility and request further data. The admissions staff and the administrative members at this facility would be able to offer the patient the information that they need to feel more secure and comfortable in making the decision to commit to a program at ABRAXAS Southwood Interventions.

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