Heartland, Gilman, Illinois

1237 East 1600 North Road
Gilman, IL, 60938

The Heartland rehab center in Gilman, Illinois continues the trend of Sunspire Health renovating properties that were previously used for hospitality purposes but now serve a more noble purpose.

The property that is now Heartland started as a spa and wellness center, so it was not so far-fetched to convert it to a facility for the treatment of substance abuse and behavioral health disorders.

The Road Taken

The difference with facilities operated by Sunspire Health is the small number residents it allows into its inpatient residential programs, throughout its network. Heartland is no different as it allows a maximum of 36 residents into its inpatient program.

The small patient cluster allows the staff at all Sunspire Health facilities to get to know their patients. This way they can then formulate the best treatment combinations to treat them.

The Heartland facility occupies almost 33 acres of woodlands 2 to 3 hours outside of Chicago. There is also a 3-acre pond on the property that lets patients if need be, enjoy a private moment of solitude.

More modern amenities on the Heartland property a well-equipped gym as well as plenty of hiking trails that can be explored by patients during their downtime. “Modern” however, might not be the best word to describe the rest of the Heartland property.

Heartland’s decor and accommodations are purposefully rural and evoke a simpler life. Owing to its location and its surroundings, the exteriors, as well as the interiors, are rustic and farm-like, giving residents a feeling of comfort and homeyness.

The Heart of the Matter

The Heartland facility offers incoming patients both a medically supervised detox and an inpatient residential program that lasts for anywhere between 30 or 90-days. There is 24/7 monitoring from dedicated staff for anyone entering the inpatient treatment program.

Anyone requiring detoxification at Heartland cannot contact anyone during their treatment. The isolation, which lasts for no more than five days, allows patients to focus solely on restoring their health and well-being without having to worry about outside troubles. Not all patients, however, require detox so depending on their condition that step can be skipped altogether.

Afterward, patients undergo assessments given by primary therapists who, along with your input, formulate an ideal treatment specifically for you. A discharge plan for life after your residency is something that also starts to take shape once you begin your inpatient stay.

During the first few days, you become acquainted with your surroundings. You begin to meet other inpatient residents and get to know your treatment team.

The Full Spectrum

Heartland offers both evidence-based treatments as well as more holistic approaches to treating substance use and dual diagnosis disorders. All patients begin their treatment with individual counseling from a primary therapist.

As sessions continue, more variants on therapy are applied. Individual therapy grows into group therapy, which then moves on to the more specialized elements of your recovery plan, which may include various treatments.

Counselors are also on hand to treat your loved ones. Family counseling sessions form a part of treatment plans, should you or your family feel that they might be necessary to help keep you sober after you leave Heartland.

Psycho-educational classes, as well as relapse prevention lectures, can be part of your treatment plan. Cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing by a therapist can give you more knowledge about what in your particular history or background might be triggering your addiction or mental health condition.

Alternative therapies are also available for those that might benefit from them. Popular variants on these holistic therapies include yoga, mindfulness classes that teach a greater awareness of your state of being, as well as art therapy classes that help you express what you may find difficult to articulate with words.

After You Have Gone

Given its secluded setting, Heartland does not currently offer any outpatient services. But your aftercare plan is structured around ensuring that all the successes and gains that you achieved during your residency carry on after you have left.

You can connect with support groups in your area. Your family will also have the proper tools and strategies to support you in your recovery should you need it.

The Heartland facility offers an escape from all the chaos surrounding your addiction. It ensures your comfort and tranquility to learn how best to beat your afflictions with the various treatment schemes they have to offer.

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1237 East 1600 North Road
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