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KP Counseling Overview

KP Counseling is a treatment center that helps patients with addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as to persons with mental health problems. The recovery center was founded about 12 years ago by Mr. Kevin Polky who graduated at the University of Illinois. The main philosophy at KP Counseling is that leadership is both art and science. They believe in channeling unique gifts of each person to enhance their strength in leadership skills, confidence, and the ability to conquer challenges. They also believe every day is an opportunity to grow and learn and it’s important to use that fact to achieve success we deserve. KP Counseling is committed to healing and restoring patients with mental health illnesses and substance abuse problems and their families.

KP Counseling Housing

This treatment center provides outpatient services only. They do not provide residential treatment; hence no facility accommodates patients who live there for a period of time.

KP Counseling Treatment Options

Before making potential appointment patients and their families are encouraged to explore the official website of KP Counseling for resources on addiction, signs you need help, and other relevant information. These resources are helpful for patients and their loved ones as they learn more about mental health problems, addiction, and also get much-needed comfort as they realize these problems are entirely manageable.
The goal is to help clients facilitate healing before they even contact KP Counseling to schedule an appointment. The appointment is, basically, the evaluation session which is usually an hour long and helps counselors determine the severity of addiction so you can get proper treatment program.
The treatment center doesn’t provide detox and residential treatment, but patients who require these services are referred to the trusted facility in the community. Patients who need outpatient services get an individualized recovery plan. Clients take part in a combination of individual and group therapy.
KP Counseling offers the following treatment options:

  • Intensive outpatient program – suitable for clients who need a structured treatment program, but wish to live at home at the same time
  • Outpatient program – for persons whose addiction is less severe, but also suitable for patients who have completed some residential program, and for those who need more support on their way to recovery
  • Intervention services – the goal of these services is to help family and friends of addicts stage an intervention

KP Counseling Therapies Provided

Treatment programs provided by KP Counseling include different therapies whose goal is to help clients recover successfully. These therapies include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Solution-focused therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Creative arts therapy

KP Counseling Payment Options

The treatment center accepts cash or self-payment, but they also accept state-financed health insurance plan other than Medicaid. Medicare is accepted as well as some private insurance plans such as Humana, Aetna, My Health Alliance, UnitedHealthCare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, and others. In order to find out whether your insurance covers treatment at KP Counseling and to learn more about other payment options, you’re encouraged to contact the treatment center. Based on the information you provide you’ll find out everything you need to start your treatment at this facility.

KP Counseling Licenses

KP Counseling is certified by the state substance abuse agency. The official website of the treatment center does not display other accreditations and certifications they obtained so far.

KP Counseling Amenities

Clients who receive treatment at KP Counseling have a well-structured recovery plan that involves different therapies each with a goal to facilitate better mental health, improved coping mechanisms, and a healthier lifestyle. Amenities that are available to patients at this treatment center include:

  • Dual diagnosis
  • Aftercare planning
  • Case management
  • Addiction education
  • Men’s groups

KP Counseling Staff

The treatment center has nine different master-level therapists, and four of them are certified addiction counselors. KP Counseling staff has a unique combination of professionalism and experience that meets the patient’s needs and goals. Of course, team members also include social workers and other professionals too. The official website of KP Counseling has a section dedicated to staff members where visitors can learn more about each person who works there. Their names, biographies, and photos are displayed. Below, you can see some staff members:

Kevin Polky

Kevin Polky is a founder and an executive director at KP Counseling with more than 27 years of experience in the field of addiction treatment. He currently works with individual clients and their families, but also facilitates three men’s groups, conducts workshops and seminars, and serves as a consultant to schools, churches, businesses.

Lynn M. Wheeler

Lynn M. Wheeler is a board-certified family psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner. She has 30 years of experience working in psychiatry, primarily in direct patient care. Lynn prioritizes a comprehensive partner-with-patient approach to health care with a focus on health promotion and risk prevention.

Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson is a licensed clinical social worker with more than 25 years of experience working in the mental health profession. He is also a certified alcohol and drug counselor. A significant aspect of his practice is redirecting and teaching individuals and families to see a change in family dynamics as an integral piece in working with psychiatric disorders.

Amy Bruyn

Amy Bruyn is a licensed clinical professional counselor who joined KP Counseling in 2014 after spending seven years working as a certified alcohol and drug counselor in the addiction field. She has experience with both inpatient and outpatient programs.

Jonathan Hoskins

Jonathan Hoskins is a master-level therapist who joined KP Counseling in May 2017. He has experience working with children, adolescents, and families.

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