The Anderson Center, Anderson, Indiana

Mounds State Park in Anderson Indiana
2210 Jackson St
Anderson, IN, 46016

The Anderson Center Overview

The Anderson Center, also called St. Vincent Anderson after the company has combined their ability to provide patients with treatment for addictions with the St. Vincent Hospital, is a facility that was founded more than a hundred years ago. The Anderson Center was initially founded to provide treatment services for patients who have an addiction to alcohol.
Throughout the years, the center has expanded their treatment options that are available to patients, and they are now able to offer services to patients with other types of addictions as well, including illicit drugs and prescription drug. The center has provided treatment to thousands of patients, and they can provide patients with both outpatient-based services and residential treatment, depending on the specific issues that the patient faces and how severe their addiction to a drug or alcohol is.

The Anderson Center Housing

While all patients are welcomed to undergo an outpatient treatment program at The Anderson Center, the facility is more specific in terms of providing housing and residential treatments to their patients. At the moment, the facility only offers inpatient treatment services to adolescents who are between the ages of 11 and 18. Older patients will not be provided access to an inpatient treatment program, but rather provided treatment in an outpatient setting.
The facility can treat up to 28 adolescents at the same time in the main department. An addition detoxification unit has also been established, where up to 12 patients can undergo medication-assisted detoxification before they are transferred to the main facility, where they will continue to receive treatments that will help them in their road to recovery.

The Anderson Center Treatment Options

The Anderson Center does not provide an extensive explanation of the different services and treatment options that they have for patients who are presenting signs of addiction. The facility does state that they are able to provide treatment to both adolescents and adult patients. Furthermore, their treatments are primarily categorized as follow:

  • Inpatient services for adolescents
  • Outpatient services for adolescents
  • Outpatient services for adult patients

Apart from being able to help patients recover from the addictions that they may be experiencing, the facility is also able to address additional disorders and symptoms of co-occurring mental health problems that the patient may also be suffering from. These co-occurring disorders often include conditions such as anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, self-esteem issues, and depression.
Each patient is thoroughly assessed before they are provided with any type of treatment. The staff members involved in the admission process are highly skilled and experienced to ensure they can provide the patient with an individualized program that would be suited to the conditions they are experiencing, the type of addiction they have, and other factors related to their addiction.

The Anderson Center Therapies Provided

A key part of the treatments that patients undergo when they recover through the services offered at The Anderson Center is their range of therapeutic services that they are able to offer. The facility has a large number of care providers that can help the patient overcome the issues in their life that have caused them to turn to alcohol or drugs. Instead of only focusing on recovering from the addiction, the therapeutic services offered at The Anderson Center rather tries to target the root causes of these substance abuse disorders along the way.
Therapies may be presented in the following settings:

  • Individual psychiatry sessions with a licensed therapist
  • Group therapy sessions with a licensed counselor

The Anderson Center Payment Options

All patients are responsible for their own bill payments but can provide their insurance details to determine if their medical plan provider would cover their treatment’s costs. The facility also has a special program that provides patients without the finances to undergo treatment access to the services they need to recover from their addictions.

The Anderson Center Accreditations

The Anderson Center does not provide any details regarding accreditations that the facility has been awarded. Additionally, no details of licenses held by the company are provided on their website. Patients are advised to get in touch with the center if they wish to find out more about their accreditations.

The Anderson Center Amenities

All patients that need to go through a residential program at The Anderson Center will be provided access to a safe environment, as well as comfortable rooms where they have access to their own bed and closet space. Additionally, the facility is also able to provide patients access to their PRIME for Life program, which is an education program that helps the patient realize the impact of drugs in their lives.

The Anderson Center Staff

The Anderson Center provide patients who are undergoing treatments for addiction access to a number of medical service providers who are part of the St. Vincent Hospital group. The hospital does not provide any specific details on the therapists and psychiatrists, nurses, or any other staff members that will be delivering treatments that are part of the patient’s program while they stay at the center or while they are undergoing outpatient treatment.
For patients who are unsure if they want to utilize the addiction treatment services that are provided at The Anderson Center, due to the lack of details surrounding the staff members involved at the center, can visit the ward in the St. Vincent hospital in order to gain more insight into the experience and qualifications held by the therapists and other staff who will be treating them during their time at the center.

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