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Fairbanks Hospital Overview

Fairbanks Hospital is a nationally-recognized recovery center that offers a wide variety of customized treatment plans that have been developed to help patients suffering from substance abused disorders recover in a safe and comfortable environment. The facility has been in operation for over 70 years and is currently considered one of the oldest recovery centers within the United States.
What makes Fairbanks Hospital a unique recovery center is the fact that all of the treatment programs they offer are evidence-based, which means only methods and medications that have been proven to be effective through scientific studies, as well as clinical trials, are used on the patients who are admitted to their facility.

Housing at Fairbanks Hospital

Residential programs are available at Fairbanks Hospital that provides housing to all patients who need to be admitted under such a treatment plan. There are two separate facilities that are utilized for these residential treatment programs, which provide long-term treatment to patients with more serious substance abuse problems. The two facilities are gender-specific and both located at the hospital’s La Verna Lodge. Men and women are admitted to different departments of the residential program to receive specialized care that has been tailored toward their particular gender.
In addition to the La Verna Lodge, several inpatients and assisted living programs are also offered to patients who are admitted to treatments offered by Fairbanks Hospital. Many of these programs, such as the detoxification treatment solution, can be provided to patients at the main facility of Fairbanks Hospital as well, which offer several beds for patients, as well as areas where treatments, such as therapies and group meetings, can be executed.

Treatment Options at Fairbanks Hospital

Fairbanks Hospital offers a large variety of treatment programs, with each providing a number of customization options that ensure the physicians and therapists employed at the facility can tailor the treatment according to the requirements of each individual patient.
Treatment starts with a thorough assessment of a patient’s condition, which allows the counselor to determine what kind of options would be best suited for the patient. Options provided to the patient may include Medication-Assisted Treatment, group therapy sessions, counseling, and more.
Some of the programs that have been developed by Fairbanks Hospital for patients include:
Inpatient Programs – Inpatient programs allow individuals with a substance abuse disorder to be monitored 24/7 in order to help them recover from their addiction through detoxification and rehabilitation.
Outpatient Programs – The outpatient programs offered by Fairbanks Hospital provide support, therapy, and group sessions for patients who can report to the facility for regular check-ups and treatment.
Supportive Living – The supportive living program is an important step that patients need to take when they transition from the facility’s inpatient program, allowing them to recover over the long-term and to help reduce the risk of a relapse.
Residential Programs – Gender-specific residential programs have been tailored to provide unique treatments for both men and women who require a more proactive approach toward the treatment of their addiction.
Recovery High School – The Hope Academy is a unique offering from Fairbanks Hospital, providing a way for adolescents to recover from their addictions, while also enabling them to pursue academic achievements and personal growth at the same time.

Payment Options at Fairbanks Hospital

Numerous payment options are available for patients who need to undergo addiction treatment for either alcohol or drug abuse at Fairbanks Hospital. Several insurance policies will cover the treatment of a patient when covered. The agencies supported by the facility include Aetna, Anthem HIP, Cigna, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, the Encore Network, Medicare, Medicaid, UBH, Value Options, and Tricare.
Patients who are not covered by an insurance policy can arrange for a repayment plan. They can work closely with the financial counselor to identify a payment plan that would suit their budget. Patients may also apply for the Patient Financial Assistance program, which offers assistance in regards to the payment for the cost of treatment services that are rendered by Fairbanks Hospital.
Alternatively, patients may also apply for financing through the My Treatment Lender program. In such a case, the full amount for treatment will be covered by the lender, and the patient will be responsible for repaying the finance.


Fairbanks Hospital has obtained several accreditations over the last seven decades. This includes a certification from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Resources, as well as accreditation from The Joint Commission. The facility has also been accredited by the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services).

Amenities at Fairbanks Hospital

A variety of amenities are available at the facility, including a lodge that has been developed specifically for patients in need of 24/7 surveillance under a residential treatment program. These facilities also provide group sessions, as well as sessions where family members are encouraged to participate. Furthermore, numerous activities are provided to patients who are undergoing treatment at Fairbanks Hospital.


  • Barbara B. Elliot (BS) – President / CEO
  • Janine Shopp (MBA) – Vice President / CFO
  • Darrin Mangiacarne (DO, MPH, CPE) – Medical Director
  • Robin Parsons (MS, LMHC, LCAC, CTRS, ADS) – Chief Clinical Officer

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