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Wabash Valley Alliance Overview

Wabash Valley Alliance is a group of addiction treatment facilities that offer a large range of outpatient services to assist their patients in overcoming the addictions that are making their lives miserable and difficult. The company has grown a lot of the years and now operates multiple facilities throughout the Indiana state in order to expand on the areas where they can help patients obtain access to affordable addiction treatment services.
Even though all services at these facilities are based on outpatient treatment programs, the staff truly cares about each and every patient and ensures the patient gains access to the specific types of therapies and other services required to ensure a more successful recovery.
The company’s website provides an overview of the services offered by the facilities and offers an overview of the various locations where patients can come to undergo an outpatient treatment program.
At the time of writing, however, the website is noted to still be under construction, and more data still needs to be added by the company to offer patients adequate information in regards to what they should expect when they go to the Wabash Valley Alliance.

Wabash Valley Alliance Housing

The programs that Wabash Valley Alliance offers their patients are all outpatient treatment services. There are currently no residential treatment options that patients can make use of, which also means that no housing will be provided to any patient as part of the treatment they require from the facility.
Instead, the patients will need to come into the center that is closest to their location, and then undergo treatment for the scheduled time period. Once the patient has been provided with appropriate therapies and other services, they are free to go on with their regular lives.

Wabash Valley Alliance Treatment Options

Numerous treatment options have been established by Wabash Valley Alliance to ensure they can assist patients in treating any kind of chemical and substance abuse disorder. The process of recovery at Wabash Valley Alliance starts with a psychological evaluation, as well as an initial assessment of the patient’s addiction disorder. Once the patient has been assessed, a program will be developed that can help target the specific issues that they are having in their lives. An individualized approach to treatment often produces better results, especially over the longer term.
Apart from being able to assist patients with their addictions, Wabash Valley Alliance is also able to provide therapeutic solutions that can help patients target co-occurring disorders and specific psychological matters that they are facing in life.
The specific psychological and personal issues that these facilities are able to assist patients with include:

  • Marital problems
  • Family conflicts
  • Problems with the patient’s performance at work
  • Grief and loss
  • Anger management
  • Stress management
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts

Wabash Valley Alliance Therapies Provided

Different types of therapy options can be offered to each patient that needs to recovery through the assistance of the staff members at Wabash Valley Alliance. The specific therapy options that a patient will be given access to depends on the findings during their psychological evaluation, and may include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Couples counseling

Wabash Valley Alliance Payment Options

Patients at Wabash Valley Alliance are advised to provide the center with their insurance details, as most major insurance providers cover the treatments that they can provide a patient with. The company has been approved as a mental health and addictions service provider by both Anthem and Medicaid, as well as other insurance providers within the United States. Patients may also opt for the self-pay option, where they will be billed as an affordable fee for undergoing one of the outpatient treatment programs that the company offers.

Wabash Valley Alliance Accreditations

Wabash Valley Alliance has been licensed by appropriate state-based authorities in the Indiana region, ensuring that they can legally provide every patient who walks through their doors with an effective treatment regiment that can aid them in their recovery from a substance abuse disorder, as well as assist the patient in dealing with other psychological factors in their lives.
The company has been licensed by the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addictions. Furthermore, they have also been awarded a Gold Seal of Approval for the outpatient treatment services they provide their patients with by the Joint Commission.

Wabash Valley Alliance Amenities

No special amenities are provided to patients who need to opt for an outpatient treatment program at Wabash Valley Alliance as the facilities owned by this particular company does not provide any residential programs. This means patients are not required to gain access to beds, rooms, lounges, or any other specific services and facilities that can make their stay at the company more convenient.

Wabash Valley Alliance Staff

Wabash Valley Alliance does not offer the patient interested in being treated at one of their facilities an overview of staff members they may be greeted by on their website. For many patients, an understanding of staff involved at an addiction treatment facility before they are admitted is important. Fortunately, we did find that the company truly cares about not only their patients but also their staff. Their website features a large number of employee testimonies, which are words spoken by some of the company’s existing employees in terms of how the facility operates.
Patients who find that they would like to know more about the staff that will be treating them when they sign up for an addiction program at Wabash Valley Alliance should contact the facility that is closest to them directly to obtain more information.

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