Seasons Center, Spencer, Iowa

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201 East 11th Street
Spencer, IA, 51301

Overview of Seasons Center

Seasons Center provides exceptional care and treatment services to individuals and families for substance abuse and a wide range of behavioral health issues. It was established in 1959 and since then has been offering its services to adults, children, teens, and families. The mission at Seasons Center is to guide individuals and families towards a meaningful and fulfilling life. The expert and highly trained staff members at the center adhere to the values of innovation, impact, and influence to achieve the center’s vision of becoming the best behavioral healthcare center in the Midwest. Seasons center offers a number of child and adult services including inpatient psychiatric services, intensive psychiatric rehabilitation services (IPR), and outpatient psychiatric services. Apart from these, the center also offers couples therapy, family counseling, and functional family therapy services as part of its family services. Seasons Center provides a safe and conducive environment to clients where they can seek assistance with social, behavioral, emotional, and family issues. Clients go through individualized treatment plans and innovative therapies which enable them to take control of their lives in a positive manner. Clients are empowered to boost their self-confidence and develop life skills which help them in achieving everlasting recovery and becoming productive individuals.

Housing and Food

The Seasons Center offers its services at 13 different locations in Northwest Iowa. The residential treatment facility is located in Spencer. It is comprised of one main building that houses the treatment programs as well as the clients’ accommodations. Rooms are semi-private which are shared among 2-3 patients of the same gender. Rooms are adequately furnished with twin beds, nightstands, personal desk space, and shared closets for clients. Bathrooms are shared among clients too. All basic amenities such as towels, bed linens, and soaps, etc. are provided by the center. There are separate common areas for children, teens, and adults. Each one is decorated and furnished based on the group of clients it is intended for. All common rooms are comfortable and cozy where clients can spend their free time. Residents are offered opportunities for recreational activities which include arts and crafts, sports, yoga, meditation, and more. The center has a team of in-house chefs and kitchen staff which prepares meals for residents three times a day. Meals are served in the cafeteria and residents eat in the dining area adjoining the cafe. Residents have a number of different food items to choose from at all mealtimes including a salad bar and drinks.

Treatment Options at Seasons Center

The different treatment options available at Seasons Center are:

  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)
  • Consultation and Education Services
  • Inpatient Psychiatric Services
  • Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation (IPR) Services
  • Outpatient Counseling and Therapy Services
  • Outpatient Psychiatric Services
  • Sex Offender Treatment
  • Psychological Testing
  • Substance Use Disorder Services
  • Trauma Therapy Services

The following substances’ abuse is treated at Seasons Center:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Illegal Drugs

Therapies at Seasons Center

Seasons Center offers the following therapies to its clients:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • 12-Steps Meetings
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing/Brief Intervention
  • Contingency Management Reinforcement
  • Interpersonal Process Therapy
  • Behavioral Therapies

Payment Options

Seasons Center offers a number of treatment services to individuals of various age groups as well as families. Treatment plans are individualized for each patient depending on his/her unique needs and other factors. The center offers a sliding scale cost for each client depending on the individualized treatment plan and the client’s ability to pay. The center also accepts donations from generous contributors who help finance the treatment of indigent clients and families. The center also accepts plans of major insurance companies. The admissions office guides clients and families regarding the various financial options available to them so that they can accept the one most affordable to them.

Licenses and Accreditations

The Seasons Center has the following accreditations and licenses:
Certified-Evidence Based Organization (EBO) by Joyfields Institutes.

Seasons Center Advantages

Seasons Center has been providing comprehensive treatment services for substance abuse and psychiatric issues since 1959. Every year, the center serves thousands of individuals. It offers evidence-based therapies and treatment modalities to clients to help them lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. The center offers inpatient and outpatient services for substance abuse and mental health disorders. Children, teens, young adults, and adults are treated at different programs specific to that particular age group. Seasons Center also offers family services including Couples Therapy and Trauma-Informed Care. Clients are provided with a compassionate and conducive environment which empowers them to accept life’s challenges and move forward with a new resilience and confidence. They are able to define new goals for themselves and achieve them in a healthy and drug-free life. Clients are educated about life skills and emotional skills that help them adopt a healthier lifestyle and rebuild broken relationships.

Staff at Seasons Center

Natalie Sandbulte, Psy.D.
VP of Clinical Services

Natalie has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Northwestern College, Orange City, Iowa. She also has a Master of Clinical Psychology and a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) from Wheaton College, Illinois. She has extensive experience working in the field of Clinical Psychology. Her areas of expertise include psychological testing and assessment as well as clinical supervision. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

Anita Handevidt, ARNP, MS, RN, CNP, CNS
Psych/Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist

Anita has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Goshen College, Indiana and a Master of Science in Nursing with special emphasis on Family Nurse Practitioner from Minnesota State University. She also has a Post Master’s Certificate Program in Adult Psychology/ Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Anthony Vita, MD

Anthony has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chicago and a Master’s degree in Public Health from Harvard University. He earned his medical degree from Stanford University School of Medicine. His areas of expertise include treating psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder, anxiety/panic disorders, substance use disorders, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, and ADHD.

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