The Bridge to Recovery, Bowling Green, Kentucky

The Bridge to Recovery Review
1745 The Bridge Road
Bowling Green, KY, 42101

The Bridge to Recovery is substance abuse treatment facility founded in 1972 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Four buildings are located on the beautiful 100-acre property, while the majority of therapy sessions are conducted in the lodge. Offices, dining room, recreation room, and the gym are also located in the same part of the facility.

The treatment program at the center is based on holistic approach, and it is highly individualized. Women facility accommodates 15 clients, while all male building has the capacity to receive up to 12 patients.

Three balanced meals are served cafeteria-style. Snacks are provided during the day.

The Bridge to Recovery: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The treatment program in the Bridge to recovery is designed to treat the whole person and not only the addiction itself. That means that the base of the program is holistic approach combined with experiential therapy. The recovery process is divided into phases that range from two to twelve weeks.

Residential treatment includes individual and group counseling, treatment of dual-diagnosis, psychoeducational sessions. Needless to say, the program is highly individualized to fit every person’s needs.

The main focus of the treatment is to discover a potentially traumatic event that has led to addiction and to process it. Also, maladaptive behaviors have to be identified, and new coping skills need to be learned. The feeling of shame and pain must be tackled through many therapeutic approaches and activities such as:

  •         Equine therapy
  •         Narrative therapy
  •         Body movement therapy
  •         Integrative work
  •         Empty chair work
  •         Cathartic work
  •         Inventory work
  •         Self-love work
  •         Yoga
  •         Grief work
  •         Boundary building work

The staff in the Bridge to Recovery includes licensed counselors, therapists, equine therapist, and trauma specialist.

Facilities and Extras

Additional services that the Bridge to Recovery offers their clients within their program include equine therapy, yoga, meditation, brainspotting, and relapse prevention workshops. Also, clients can enjoy a ropes course, hiking, and road trips to the cave or waterfall.

Family program includes an educational session, individual, and group counseling regarding addiction.

Rules and Regulations

Admission to the Bridge to recovery is not always available. The center welcomes new clients every other Monday. The reason for that is that it is important that client experience the sense of belonging to a group, without having old patients leave and newbies coming all the time.


The Bridge to Recovery is addiction treatment center in Kentucky that provides comprehensive care for women and men dealing with addiction issues. Their diverse therapeutic methods and highly individualized treatment plan are what makes them so popular and nonetheless thriving. The staff strongly recommends that family members participate in family programs that will help them understand addiction and encourage them to build a strong support system for their loved one dealing with substance use problems.

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The Bridge to Recovery
1745 The Bridge Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101




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