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1650 Russell Street
Covington, KY, 41011

Transitions Overview

Transitions Inc. is a recovery center that treats patients with drug and alcohol addiction. The treatment center was founded in 1969 by a group of citizens who were deeply concerned by the lack of facilities that treat substance abuse problems in the area of northern Kentucky.
To people behind Transitions, Inc. addiction is a disease and every patient has a different story which is why they offer an individualized therapeutic treatment model. The treatment center provides both inpatient and outpatient treatments, detox, education, and other important services. It’s important to mention they utilize evidence-based practices in their programs.

Transitions Housing

Residential treatment at Transitions is available in different locations. Women’s Residential Treatment Program allows female patients to stay with kids up to the age of 12 while Dayton Healthy Newborn House allows pregnant women and mothers with children up to the age of 7 to stay and get much-needed treatment. Women share rooms and there are communal baths on each floor. Although prepared food is brought to the house women can also cook their own meals and sit down to eat together. There is also a residence for men which hosts up to 24 patients who stay in dual occupancy rooms, but some rooms have four beds too.

Transitions Treatment Options

Transitions Inc. provides both residential and outpatient services to their clients. The process starts with a thorough assessment which is crucial for recommending the adequate treatment measure to the patient.
During the assessment process staff at Transitions evaluates a person’s mental and physical health, the severity of addiction, and other factors. Then, the patient is referred to the program that fits their needs the most. Programs offered by Transitions include:

  • Non-medical detoxification – provides female and male patients with a safe place to withdraw from alcohol and drugs. The withdrawal process is strictly monitored by staff and medical personnel
  • Residential treatment – provided to Kentucky residents who cannot obtain this type of treatment elsewhere. An individualized approach is used to help men and women overcome substance abuse problem. Women’s program, Dayton Healthy Newborn House, accepts pregnant women and women with or without children. On the other hand, Falmouth Treatment Center offers residential treatment to both men and women. Residential treatment includes therapy sessions, self-help groups, employment opportunities, community service, relapse prevention approach, aftercare counseling
  • Intensive outpatient treatment – offers group and individual counseling, education, and relapse prevention and it lasts between six and eight months
  • Mental health therapy – compassionate and ethical outpatient mental health therapy to patients at Transitions
  • Halfway house services – suitable for men and women who are making the transition from close supervision to responsible community living
    Housing plus – apartments and group homes for homeless persons with disabilities

Transitions Therapies Provided

As seen above therapeutic treatment model is employed in the management of substance abuse at this facility. All patients or clients work together, share experiences, and provide support to each other. This builds community spirit which helps people strengthen and heal knowing they’re not alone and there are other people who are going through the same thing, feeling the same way. Patients also help staff run the residence while staying sober, which is incredibly therapeutic.
The sense of responsibility can be a strong motivator for persons with a substance abuse problem who feel like they have no direction in life at that point. Individual and group therapy sessions are an integral part of treatment at Transitions. All levels of care, from residential to aftercare, provide regular therapy sessions as well as basic life skills, budgeting, employment readiness.

Transitions Payment Options

Costs of treatment programs at Transitions vary from one patient to another because they greatly depend on specific needs of each individual. People whose severity of addiction is different require different approaches hence two different prices. That’s why prices of treatment programs aren’t displayed on the website. The treatment center accepts all five Kentucky Medicaid Managed Care Organizations and self-payment for treatment.
They also have various payment options to allow patients to get much-needed help even if they are of lower socioeconomic status. As far as Dayton Healthy Newborn House is concerned the deposit is $100 while monthly rent is $200. During the maternity, leave rent is not charged.

Transitions Licenses

The treatment center acquired CARF accreditation in 2016. The acronym CARF stands for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and it is given to health care institutions that provide effective, high-quality programs and exceptional care.

Transitions Amenities

Patients or clients at Transitions get more than a treatment of drug or alcohol problem, they get a much-needed support for successful graduation to the healthier stage of life. The treatment center also offers services such as case management, peer support, and supportive employment.
Residents also work with counselors and other staff members to create a discharge plan that accommodates their needs, goals, recovery, and personal story. Also, tenants get to work with transitions supportive employment specialists on-site who work hard to help clients find and obtain sustainable and meaningful employment.

Transitions Staff

Although many treatment centers display names and bios of team members on their website, Transitions didn’t so. Their website features names of the board members but besides the president and secretary, their roles weren’t revealed.
This isn’t overly practical if we bear in mind it’s useful to get informed about staff to see who will work with a patient during the recovery process and learn more about their approach, experience, expertise, and what not. That being said, Transitions treatment center employs therapists, counselors, and other professionals who truly do their best to help patients.

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