Hope Center, Lexington, Kentucky

Louisville in Kentucky USA
250 W. Loudon Ave
Lexington, KY, 40508

Hope Center Overview

Hope Center is situated in Lexington, Kentucky, and is presented as a non-profit organization that was founded on the principles of caring for the community. The center was originally founded to provide an emergency shelter service to homeless individuals, as well as those in need. The shelter was developed in 1993 and, soon after, the founders of the Hope Center started to implemented additional programs in order to expand on the care services they were able to offer their patients and clients.
Even though today the center still has a particular focus on providing shelter to the homeless, especially when the homeless individual had lost their home and family due to drug addictions, the organization also has a number of effective programs that can be utilized by individuals with a substance abuse disorder, as well as by people with mental health issues who are unable to afford quality care at a private institute.
Hope Center now runs several departments, including two facilities that are dedicated to providing therapy and other services to men and women in need at separate locations.

Housing at Hope Center

Hope Center has acquired multiple facilities where they can provide housing to homeless individuals, as well as to clients who are interested in signing up to any of the treatment programs they provide.
Emergency Shelter – The Emergency Shelter was the very first facility provided by the Hope Center and can sleep up to 250 people per night. The shelter provides a safe environment for anyone who finds themselves in a homeless situation. At the shelter, volunteers help to serve food. All individuals who come to the center are also provided with clothing if needed. The shelter is operated 24/7, during the entire year.

George Privett Recovery Center – Opened in 2008, this facility owned and operated by Hope Center offers a specialized addiction recovery program for men. The center can accommodate up to 110 men at the same time. In addition to the 110 beds, an extra eight beds are provided at a closed off location at the George Privett Recovery Center, where the facility’s detoxification program is executed.

Ball-Quantrell Recovery Center for Women – This center has been dedicated to women who are in need of drug and alcohol recovery services. It was built in 2002 and offers an environment where women can live in a drug-free and alcohol-free space. Instead of a detoxification program, the Ball-Quantrell Recovery Center for Women rather provides a unique SOS program, with the goal of women reaching sobriety while residing here.

Treatment Options at Hope Center

Hope Center has developed a significant number of programs in the last three decades in order to provide effective support for individuals who are unable to overcome substance abuse disorders themselves. The programs that have been developed by the center are provided to patients through the help of professionals in psychiatry and other medical fields, ensuring that patients can successfully overcome their addictions, while also living in an environment that makes them feel safe and supported.
The treatments offered at the Hope Center are gender-specific, which means different treatment programs are available for men and women. The main aim of the programs that the center has developed is to help men and women with their addictions.

Recovery for Men – a program that takes up to 12 months to complete and is executed in various phases. Patients are placed in detoxification if needed, followed by residential care while they are going through Phase 1 of treatment.

Recovery for Women – The recovery program for women is similar and can also take as much as 12 months for the women to reach full sobriety. Pregnant women are not accepted into the recovery program, and women are not able to bring their children with them while they go through the program.

Apart from offering recovery services to addicts, Hope Center also has programs that can assist a patient in dealing with certain mental health problems. Services offered under this program include:

  • Medication management
  • Payee services
  • Case management
  • Community referrals
  • 12-step meetings
  • Psychiatric services
  • Group therapy
  • Housing support

Payment Options at Hope Center

Since Hope Center is driven by donations and the assistance of volunteers, there are no charges made to the patient who is admitted to any of the treatment programs that the center offers. Patients who have undergone any of the recovery or mental health programs at Hope Center can, however, choose to make a donation to the company – no minimum or maximum amount for a donation has been provided. Some of the programs offered by the center does come with the option to rent private housing while undergoing treatment.


No details in regards to licenses held by the Hope Center have been shared on their website. Information regarding accreditations or licenses that have been awarded to the center can be obtained by contacting the headquarters of Hope Center directly.

Amenities at Hope Center

The primary amenity offered by Hope Center would be their emergency shelter that offers beds, clothes, and even wholesome meals to the homeless, as well as individuals who need to undergo treatment. Other amenities at Hope Center include a Detention Center, access to social services, and the HopeMobile Mobile Outreach Program. The center also offers affordable housing with a drug-free and alcohol-free environment.


  • Cecil Dunn – Executive Director
  • Connie Joiner – Vice Chair
  • John McCarty – Vice Chair
  • Bill Rouse – Vice Chair
  • Mike Scanlon– Vice Chair

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