Beacon House Kentucky, Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky, USA
963 S 2nd St
Louisville, KY, 40203

Beacon House Kentucky Overview

Beacon House is a large network that operates a number of facilities throughout the United States, providing patients access to different types of treatment services that can be tailored to address each particular patient’s substance abuse issues. Beacon House Kentucky is one of the subdivisions owned by this company and offers exclusive services that aims to help men who have undergone standard recovery procedures in the past continue to live in a sober environment where drugs, alcohol, and other potentially addictive substances will never be tolerated.
This particular division of the Beacon House group was initially founded in 1997 and have since only offered their sober living services to male patients who have undergone standard treatment services in the local area.

Beacon House Kentucky Housing

The Beacon House Kentucky center is able to accommodate up to 45 male patients at a time. It should be noted that this is not a full-fledged treatment facility, but rather provide these male patients access to affordable accommodation in a sober living environment after they have gone through an initial rehabilitation center. Patients who need to reside in this sober living home will need to be comfortable with sharing a room with other patients, as all rooms are shared among two patients at a time.

Beacon House Kentucky Treatment Options

Treatment options provided to patients at Beacon House Kentucky is quite limited since the facility mainly focuses on introducing the male patients who come to them to an environment where sobriety is promoted, and addictive-supplements are not tolerated.
The majority of clients admitted to the Beacon House Kentucky sober living program will come from one of the affiliate partners, such as:

  • The Brook Hospital
  • Centerstone’s Addiction Recovery Center
  • Drug Court
  • Jefferson County Jail
  • Home Incarceration Program

Beacon House Kentucky Therapies Provided

Every patient who becomes part of the Beacon House Kentucky sober living program will be required to undergo a standard 12-step recovery program. Even though the patient has already gone through addiction recovery treatment, the facility believes that continued support will aid in long-term sobriety and avoid the possibility of relapse in the future.

Beacon House Kentucky Payment Options

Beacon House Kentucky charges the patient a weekly fee – this is considered a rental fee to provide the patient access to their sober living houses where the patient can reside while they are reintroduced to society after they have undergone a treatment program. No details are provided regarding the acceptance of insurance.

Beacon House Kentucky Accreditations

No details have been provided by Beacon House Kentucky to help patients understand the credentials that the facility holds. We also did not find information about any particular licenses that the local state-related departments have provided the facility for the provisioning of their services. If any patient feels the need to first verify the credentials of the facility before contacting them, they should get in touch with the administrative staff for more details.

Beacon House Kentucky Amenities

The number of amenities that are provided to the patients who become part of the sober living program at Beacon House Kentucky is quite impressive, considering the fact that this is an economic rehabilitation center that focuses on providing treatment services to patients at a minimal cost. The facility offers all of the patients who are part of their sober living facility access to appropriate laundry facilities to ensure clean clothes are always available to the patients who reside in these facilities. Meeting rooms, lounges, and exercise rooms are also available for patients.

Beacon House Kentucky Staff

Patients who feel uncomfortable contacting a facility that would be able to provide them with the rehabilitation services they require often find that knowing that they will be cared for appropriately and in a professional manner helps, at least to ensure they feel more comfortable and confidence when it comes to contacting the particular facility that they wish to utilize to undergo treatment for their addictions. Beacon House Kentucky understands how patients may feel when they are in need of such treatment services, which is why they provide a list of the most important staff members involved at their facility on the official website that represents the company.
Patients are able to gain a comprehensive overview of some staff members involved in the overseeing of operations conducted within the facility, as well as gain an insight into the experience and qualifications held by staff members who are involved in the actual treatment programs that Beacon House Kentucky offers. If the data is too limited for patients and they would like to know about more staff members that form part of the company’s treatment team, the patient should get in touch with the facility directly to request additional data.

Russ Read (MA) – Executive Director

In addition to being the executive director at the Beacon House Kentucky, Russ Read is also a co-founder of the Kentucky Harm Reduction Coalition.

Steven McCluskey (BSW, MSW) – Caseworker

Steven McCluskey is a graduate from the Adrian College and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work, which he obtained from Western Kentucky University. Steven has more than a decade of experience in dealing with patients who are going through substance abuse issues.

William Carpenter – Senior Resident Manager

Willian Carpenter is a graduate from the Iroquois High School, as well as the Eastern Kentucky University. He has also attended the treatment service at Beacon House and holds a title of being a resident of their outpatient services himself. William specializes in the 12-step recovery model.

Ryan Hyman – Resident Manager

Ryan Hyman is a Certified Peer Support Specialist. He is also a Certified Healing Place Alumni.

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