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Isaiah House Recovery Center Overview

Isaiah House Recovery Center is a facility located in Kentucky that specializes in the treatment of men with addiction disorders. The center was established to ensure that men who are faced with a substance abuse problem, be it with alcohol or drugs, can gain access to a safe environment where they can start their journey to a drug and alcohol-free life. The center prides themselves in providing some of the best recovery treatment services in the environment and continues to care for their patients even when they have completed a residential program. The facility is fully licensed with appropriate authorities in the Kentucky state, and patients undergoing treatment have different options when it comes to payment, which gives more men access to the services they need to start living a sober life.

Isaiah House Recovery Housing

Isaiah House Recovery Center provides housing for patients undergoing residential treatments, as well as to those who are going through the long-term transitional living programs. The company has one main facility where patients are initially treated, as well as 19 transitional living homes, where patients can reside for up to 11 months after they have completed one of the main recovery programs that the company has developed. Up to 140 men can be accommodated during transitional living with the 19 buildings that the company owns. Specific data on how many male patients can be treated at the main facility, however, is not provided on the company’s website.

Isaiah House Recovery Treatment Options

Isaiah House Recovery Center specializes in treating men for the addictions that are bringing them down in life and causing them to feel like they are in a dark place. A variety of programs have been developed by the facility to ensure the patient can become sober after going through an appropriate treatment. During the admission process, the professional staff members at the facility will determine if an inpatient or outpatient-based treatment would work best for the patient. Strict adherence to the program policies is required by the patient to ensure they can recover and become sober.
While the facility has developed specific programs that aim to help men recover, it should be noted that each patient is provided with a customized schedule and recovery program that takes their specific circumstances and condition into account.

Once the patient has gone through the admissions process, they may be placed into one of the following programs:

  • Short-term residential program
  • Long-term residential program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Outpatient treatment

Isaiah House Recovery Therapies Provided

In addition to providing patients with the care and support they require to become sober, Isaiah House Recovery Center also offers patients a range of therapeutic options, provided by professional and highly skilled psychiatrists, in order to help the patient overcome not only their addiction, but any co-occurring disorder that they may suffer from as well. One-on-one sessions are provided, along with group therapy sessions.

Isaiah House Recovery Payment Options

Isaiah House Recovery Center provides a short-term treatment option that is covered by Medicaid, but also accepts some other insurance programs. The patient needs to discuss their insurance benefits with the admission staff members when they are being admitted to undergoing treatment at the facility. In cases where the patient is not covered for treatment, they will need to pay for the services they receive. The primary residential treatment program that is offered will cost the patient $6,900. Further rental fees may be charged to the patient when they move into one of the transitional living homes after completing the residential treatment plan.

Isaiah House Recovery Licenses

Isaiah House Recovery Center has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities for the quality services that they provide. In addition to this accreditation, the company has also been licensed with the Kentucky State as a Behavioral Health Service Organization and an Alcohol and Other Drug Entity. This means that the company is fully licensed to provide recovery treatment services to patients who are struggling with an addiction.

Isaiah House Recovery Amenities

The sober living buildings that this company owns would be one of the major amenities that are offered, ensuring that the men who go through their residential treatment program can continue living in an environment that promotes sobriety and prevent them from being exposed to the substances that they were addicted to. This can greatly reduce their risk of becoming addicted to these harmful substances again in the future.

Isaiah House Recovery Staff

One of the great things about the Isaiah House Recovery Center is that they offer complete transparency in regards to all of the services that they provide patients with, and even provides a comprehensive overview of all the staff members that are involved at their facility. This ensures the patient can gain more information about the individuals who will be at the facility while they are undergoing treatment, and can make the entire admissions process a little less stressful. While the company does not offer extensive details on the qualifications and experience of each staff member, they do include a picture, name, and a title.

  • Mark LaPalme – Founder / CEO
  • Tammy LaPalme – Founder / Bookkeeper
  • James Campbell (MA, LPCC, TCADC) – Program Manager / Clinical Supervisor
  • Cassie Music (APRN) – Head of Medical Department
  • Windy Warren – Admissions Coordinator

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