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Alcoholism and drug addiction are prevalent all over the US, and Louisiana is no exception. With the rampant use of street and club drugs, not to mention the growing epidemic of prescription drug use, communities in Louisiana are struggling with several side effects of substance use disorder on families and society at large. Hopefully, there are substance abuse treatment centers in Louisiana that can offer rehabilitation programs and resources to help people overcome their addiction.

Louisiana Addiction Statistics

Just like in many other states, drug addiction remains a public health concern in Louisiana. The age-adjusted rate of drug overdose deaths has increased significantly in LA by more than 12% from 2016 to 2017, despite having effective Louisiana drug rehab facilities. While most deaths involved opioids, the state also struggles with crystal meth, cocaine, and marijuana addiction.

Aside from the possession of illegal heroin, prescription opioids are also a danger. In 2017, LA providers issued almost 90 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons, compared to the average rate of less than 59 in the US. Hence, many drug rehab centers in Louisiana are heavily focused on opioid care. Other rehabs have a more varied specialty and are ready to deal with other substances, including alcohol.

Substance Abuse Treatment Peculiarities

People who are trying to get help with alcoholism or substance abuse in Louisiana can contact addiction rehab facilities directly or through their health providers. Louisiana drug rehab centers offer different programs. Most are appropriate for all ages, including the youth. There is even drug rehabs in Louisiana that are age- and gender-specific. Most offers simultaneous medical and psychological care, more commonly known as dual diagnosis treatment. Other treatment services available include detox or withdrawal management, inpatient and outpatient care programs, community-based services, and more.

Some Louisiana substance abuse treatment centers offer residential care for pregnant women and women with dependent children up to 12 years old. Services include counseling, substance abuse education, relapse prevention, and continuous consultations to help get families back to their best individual level of functioning.

Finding Addiction Center In Louisiana

Finding a place in rehab to receive treatment has been challenging because of a lack of state and federal funding. While the government has been investing millions of dollars to sustain free rehab facilities, it is still far too little to keep programs running effectively. Luckily, one may still find an affordable Louisiana drug rehab that has a commitment to care with little or no wasting time and provide services as quickly as it is needed.

Addiction is hard for everyone, especially when trying to battle it alone. It is indeed necessary to seek assistance. Louisiana alcohol rehabs and addiction centers for treatment and recovery are a good way out. Professional treatment of substance abuse can make the difference in living the ravages of addiction and in enjoying a fulfilling life without drugs or alcohol. Experts in rehabs are more than willing to help people get started down the path to sobriety.

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