Woodlake Addiction Recovery, Ethel, Louisiana

Woodlake Addiction Recovery
3015 Highway 956
Ethel, LA, 70730

Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center offers comprehensive care to individuals who suffer from alcohol or drug abuse. By following the 12 step principle and applying a holistic approach, this treatment center addresses the interrelated components of each client’s personality – spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and volitional power. The facilities are located in Louisiana, in both Abbeville and Ethel.

Woodlake Addiction Recovery: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Before the admission into WAR’s program, all clients must undergo an initial evaluation. This way the staff determines the best level of treatment for each client. The detox process usually lasts for four to seven days, with a constant medical supervision and support.

Medications are administered to prevent severe withdrawal symptoms and make the entire process easier. After the clients are physically stable, the residential treatment may begin.

The residential/inpatient program usually lasts from 28 to 45 days. It includes four phases:

  • Phase one – Breaking through denial: Residents accept their issues with addiction with the help of education on the disease model of addiction, group, and individual therapy, sober life skills, 12-step educational groups, meetings and physical activities.
  • Phase two – Embracing the Brokenness and Correlating Sorrow by performing therapeutic assignments. This way decision making, judgment and impulse control are improved.
  • Phase three – Mold ability: spiritual foundation of recovery
  • Phase four – Identification: preparing for discharge by creating post-treatment plans which in some cases may include stepping down to outpatient care.

Woodlake’s Intensive Outpatient Program is intended for those who are new to recovery, completed Woodlake’s inpatient program, or have relapsed. An evaluation and assessments are performed in order to develop a treatment plan to suit every individual’s needs. The outpatient program allows the clients to maintain their work, school or home responsibilities while attending group psychotherapies with individual and family sessions as needed.

The program encompasses group sessions on various topics: the distance concept, family dynamics, the 12 steps recovery, spirituality, relapse prevention, ongoing recovery and integration into daily life. Patients completing Woodlake’s IOP are provided with free Continuing/After care for one year.

The staff at Woodlake includes an experienced team of physicians, round the clock nurses, psychiatrists, Ph.D. Social Worker/Therapist, master’s degree counselors, and an inclusive technical staff. This group of people works together with the goal of providing the necessary therapy and treatment, which will help the clients with their current situation but will also prepare them for future challenges.

Woodlake Addiction Recovery: Facilities and Extras

Woodlake’s Ethel and Abbeville locations are both 70-bed facilities. Surrounded by forest, lakes and long walking trails, these facilities are the perfect place for recovery. Each room accommodates two residents, who can use twin-sized beds and enjoy in plenty of natural light. The residents can also use the dining halls, socialization and group meeting areas and private offices for individual sessions. For those who enjoy physical recreation, the large campus offers plenty of space for outdoor fitness activities, as well as weight-training rooms.
Clients are provided with three daily meals on-site and coffee is also available.

Woodlake realizes the importance of family involvement in the entire healing process. This is why Family Weekends are organized and include group processing sessions and education regarding the disease of addiction. Private family sessions are also available.

Many other treatment programs like trauma informed care, employee assistance program and a recovery group which suits the needs of white-collar professionals are available in this treatment center.

Rules and Regulations in Woodlake Addiction Recovery

The cost of Woodlake Addiction Recovery treatment amounts $750 per night for detox and $10.500 for 30 days of residential stay. The payment options are various, but the financial arrangements should be made before arrival. Fees are based on 30-day increments.

Woodlake does not make any guarantee for payment of benefits by any insurance provider or individual policy. The payment depends on the coverage provided by the insurance agency. Woodlake can assist patients with independent financing options for those who qualify.

Admissions are accepted seven days a week and can start with a phone call.


Woodlake Addiction Recovery treatment center is based on the 12-step program and the Four Absolutes – Honesty, Unselfishness, Love, and Purity. The staff at WAR’s does not treat only the consequences of substance abuse, but also underlying issues which may lead to it. A continuum of care in a natural setting allows the residents to focus on the wellness of mind, body, and spirit and the entire addiction treatment process leaves a clear path towards sobriety.

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Woodlake Addiction Recovery
3015 Highway 956
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