Victory Addiction Recovery Center, Lafayette, Louisiana

The Girard Park at Lafayette
111 Liberty Ave
Lafayette, LA, 70508

Victory Addiction Recovery Center Overview

Victory Addiction Recovery is a full rehabilitation center where patients can come to undergo detoxification, as well as enter into a range of different treatment programs that aim to assist in their recovery from active alcohol or drug dependency. In addition to being able to help patients throughout their journey to sobriety, the company is also equipped with skilled staff members who are experienced in assisting in the treatment of co-occurring disorders that patients may also experience. These usually include depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and other mental illnesses.
The Victory Addiction Recovery Center is still somewhat new in this industry, as they only opened up their first facility in 2012. Since then, the company has partnered up with another facility which specializes in the treatment of addictions, Summit Behavioral Healthcare.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center Housing

Housing at Victory Addiction Recovery Center is only provided to patients who qualify for the detox services and inpatient treatment programs that the company is able to offer. All patients are analyzed to help the staff at the company determine if an inpatient program would be more appropriate for the patient. In cases where the patient does need to stay at the facility, they will be given access to gender-specific rooms, along with gender-specific bathroom facilities. The company is currently able to provide accommodation for up to 22 clients simultaneously.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center Treatment Options

The Victory Addiction Recovery Center has a relatively large number of treatment options that they are able to offer their patients. After a patient has undergone an initial consultation with a therapist at the center’s admissions office, the therapist will determine how the patient needs to be treated for the best chance at successful and long-term recovery.
The treatment options that may be included in a patient’s recovery program may consist of the following:

  • Detox services
  • Inpatient addiction recovery services
  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • Treatment for professionals

Victory Addiction Recovery Center Therapies Provided

Patients will heavily rely on therapy services while they are being treated at the Victory Addiction Recovery Center. Patients are required to undergo individual therapy sessions with their appointed therapist, and also need to attend several hours’ worth of group therapy each week. A family support group is also available for the families of patients being treated.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center Payment Options

Victory Addiction Recovery Center accepts a number of insurance providers. Patients will need to verify their insurance benefits before they undergo treatment at the facility. There are staff members who can assist the patient in verifying the benefits related to addictions offered by their active insurance plan. Patients who are not insured will either have to pay for the services provided to them upfront or arrange for a financial repayment plan with the appropriate staff members at the facility.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center Accreditations

Victory Addiction Recovery Center is a fully accredited facility. The company has received official accreditation from the Joint Commission, a National Association that specializes in reviewing addiction recovery services offered by local rehabilitation centers.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center Amenities

The facility where patients undergo detox and inpatient services are always kept clean. Patients are never expected to reside in the same room as an opposite-sex patient – all rooms and bathrooms are gender-specific. There are also several activities that patients can participate in while they are being treated for their addictions at the Victory Addiction Recovery Center. An on-site gym can be accessed, along with yoga classes and acupuncture services.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center Staff

Knowing about staff members that make up a facility such as the Victory Addiction Recovery Center is an important part of admissions process for many patients. A lot of patients may feel that they are more comfortable if they know that the staff who are employed at the particular facility is experienced in addiction recovery services and knows how to deal with patients who are struggling to overcome drug and alcohol addictions.
The Victory Addiction Recovery Center is equipped with a number of staff members who make up the management and treatment team at the facility. Unfortunately, even though the company does note that they have highly experienced staff members at the center, they do not provide an extensive overview of the qualifications or other important details related to each of these employees on their website. Patients interested in learning more than what is provided on the company’s official website should get in touch with them directly.

Melanie Courville (RN)

Melanie is experienced in the behavioral healthcare sector and has also been a very involved member of the local Lafayette community for many years. She has been serving as a Registered Nurse since 1986, and she is a graduate from the University of Louisiana.

Kerri Cunningham (LCSW, LAC)
Program Director

Kerri Cunningham is a Licensed Addiction Counselor, as well as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work, and Kerri is a graduate from the Louisiana State University.

Nicole Hale (RN)
Director of Nursing

Nicole Hale has an Associates Degree in Nursing. She is a graduate from LSU-Eunice. Since 2012, Nicole has been actively involved in treatment programs that assist patients in the recovery of addictions, as well as co-occurring disorders.

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