Sweetser, Brunswick, Maine

Androscoggin River in Brunswick, Maine
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Brunswick, ME, 04011

Sweetser Overview

Sweetser, located in the Brunswick, Maine, is a substance abuse facility that offers treatment and care to individuals, both adults and children, suffering from mental illness, substance abuse disorder, emotional disturbances, learning disabilities, and many more. The origination of the name dates back to the 19th century and became a modern organization in the 1970s. The facility first began as four orphanages which were joined together in the 19th century, before becoming a multi-service facility. The facility currently operates multiple offices and is affiliated to outside behavioral facilities. Sweetser is currently affiliated with over 75 communities in Main alone and control over 600 staff put together, as well as volunteers.
Currently, the facility offers outpatient treatment at five of its many locations. These locations treat both substance abuse addictions and co-occurring disorders. These locations include Sanford, Rockland, Brunswick, Belfast, and Saco. Also, clients in these locations are offered group and individual therapy, as well as psychological assessments at any stage of their treatment; whether it is relapse prevention, active recovery, or early detection and intervention.
The facility does not currently offer residential, detox, or inpatient treatment services, as its highest level of treatment is outpatient treatment. Although its highest level is outpatient care, clients in outpatient treatment can find support for medication management and psychiatric services.
Treatment modalities used during treatment is not based on 12-step modalities but focused on the complete wellness of each individual. Although programs are not based on 12-step, it is not anti-12-step. The facility methodology focuses on individual therapy instead of group therapy as other behavioral facilities. On admission, clients are evaluated and given 12-step meeting information and they can choose to go and participate or not, as it is not compulsory.

Sweetser Curriculum

The facility gives patients a psychoeducational curriculum; this curriculum is packed full of topics, which will help clients learn about the cycle of addiction and its effects. During the course of the treatment, therapists and counselors work closely with clients to help set goals, measure progress, reform their behavior, determine and handle triggers, and many more. From time to time, the facility conducts process and relapse prevention groups where patients can interact with their peers.
During this process groups, clients are separated into different sections, adults and adolescent sections. Some clients choose to participate in outside partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient program, while also combining their individual therapy. Therapists at the facility are eager to work with clients and refer them to appropriate local resources. The staff team at the facility offers a variety of professionals ranging from nurses, doctors, support staff, to mental health professionals, counselors, therapists, and many more. The facility is also in partnership with various licensed social workers, who treat mental health and substance abuse issues privately in their own various practices.

Treatment & Therapy

Sweetser offers some treatment and therapy services to clients registered at the facility, depending on the special needs of the client. Some of these are:

  • Day treatment
  • Outpatient treatment

Outpatient Treatment

The outpatient treatment program at the facility is conducted and facilitated by counselors or therapists, who are well versed in fulfilling the needs of each client. Treatment modality is heavily based on individual therapy, instead of 12-step meetings or group therapy like other facilities. Services offered include outpatient therapy, group psychotherapy, marital psychotherapy, family therapy, and many more.
The following are a list of conditions treated at the facility:

  • Substance abuse disorders
  • Mental health disorders

Sweetser Therapy Options

Sweetser offers various therapy options for mental health and substance abuse treatment including:

  • Marital therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Psychoeducation
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • 12-step meetings
  • School-based therapy
  • Substance abuse disorder therapy


Sweetser costs approximately $950 for a 30-day treatment at the facility. This price is not constant and length of stay and level of care may vary from client to client. The facility accepts most insurance plans and at this time, does not offer a sliding scale mode of payment. For more clarity, clients are encouraged to contact Sweetser rehab.


The facility is currently fully accredited by the COA (Council on Accreditation) and is under the Behavioral Health Community Collaborative.

Sweetser Advantages

The facility currently offers a family group for family members and loved ones of clients to participate, helping provide support and more education and understanding on addiction. The facility also offers multiple services, besides its substance abuse programs such as veteran services, medication management, adventure-based learning for kids, housing assistance, crisis management, and many more.
Treatment at the facility is unconventional and seems to provide great support to individuals battling with dual diagnosis issues. Each treatment and therapy session offered at the facility costs $95 per hour, but this is just an average estimate. Clients might pay more or less depending on the prescription of treatment. For individuals interested in getting treatment at a facility that utilizes individual therapy more than group therapy, Sweetser might be a good choice.


Debra Taylor – Chief Executive Officer and President
Ginny Gentile – Vice President of Finance
James Martin – Vice President for Programs
Janice Nadeau – Vice President for Human Resources

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