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260 Gateway Dr, Suite 18A
Bel Air, MD, 21014

Turning Corners Inc. is an outpatient rehab facility founded in 1996 by addiction treatment specialist, Patricia Elizabeth Lilly. The center is located in Bel Air, Maryland and provides services for clients dealing with alcohol and drug addiction.

Turning Corners offers a diverse and highly flexible and individualized treatment plans for alcohol and drug addicts. Moreover, the center has unique programs and education for individuals charged with drug-related crimes. These programs are an alternative to incarceration.

Turning Corners Inc.: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

After the enrollment in the program, evaluation is the first step. The primary goal is to determine the extent the addiction has had on a person’s life – what consequences it’s left on mental health, vocational abilities, family interaction, relationships, legal involvement, and physical health.

The twelve-hour educational program is designed to address the problems caused by taking drugs or drinking. Group meetings are held once a week. The duration of one therapy session can be one hour which makes the entire program 12 weeks long, or two hours which shortens the amount of time needed for completion of the program by six weeks.

The 26-hour program provides treatment for clients who are confirmed alcohol or drug addicts. It includes education about addiction, disease dynamics, relapse prevention, and acceptance of the disease. Clients have two options – to complete the program in 13 or 26 weeks.

Turning Corners also provides drug testing services in a fully equipped lab.

Highly professional staff includes bachelor degree counselors and board-certified addiction counselors.

Turning Corners Inc.: Facilities and Extras

Other services include relapse prevention therapy, DWI education, family counseling, individual counseling, alcohol and drug education, and continuing care. The staff of the center acknowledges the importance of family involvement in the recovery process of their loved one because the closest people to the individual with substance abuse issues should provide a strong support system in order to prevent relapse and maintain sobriety.

Rules and Regulations at Turning Corners Inc.

If your loved one requires treatment at the Turning Corners, you can contact the center even outside of the working hours via answering services. The waiting period for the admission should not be longer than five days.


Turning Corners Inc. is a substance abuse outpatient rehab facility that provides addiction recovery services for both women and men who are struggling with addiction. The center also offers evaluation, DUI, relapse prevention, family counseling, and continuing care services. The treatment program is flexible and highly individualized to accommodate needs of every client.

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Turning Corners, Inc.
260 Gateway Dr, Suite 18A
Bel Air, MD 21014

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