Westminster Rescue Mission, Westminster, Maryland

South Mountain, Maryland
658 Lucabaugh Mill Rd
Westminster, MD, 21157

Westminster Rescue Mission Overview

Westminster Rescue Mission has been providing professional recovery services to patients since 1968. The founder of the company, Jim Resh, has founded five other facilities that provide such services to patients in other areas as well. The company takes a Christian-based approach to assist patients with their journey to sobriety and recovery from substance abuse disorders.
The founder believes that through prayer, religious practices, and motivation, patients are able to recover from their addictions successfully and have an opportunity for lifelong sobriety, instead of only equipping the patient with the ability to stay sober for a few short months.

Westminster Rescue Mission Housing

Westminster Rescue Mission owns property on a 30-acre land, which is located within Westminster. The facility provides patients access to a sober living environment where they can stay while they are being treated for their substance abuse disorders. The house can facility up to 32 male patients at a time. Up to three men are allocated to a room at the same time to ensure a larger number of patients can be provided accommodation in a safe environment while they are healing.
There is a second transitional living program available for patients who have undergone the main residential program offered by the facility, offering the patient access to continued support to ensure they can recover and to prevent the possibility of a relapse.

Westminster Rescue Mission Treatment Options

To recover at Westminster Rescue Mission, patients are provided access to residential treatment services that will place them in a safe and sober environment while they are recovering from their addictions. Different levels of care are available to the patients who come to this facility for treatment, and the program generally lasts for around nine months. Services that are offered to patients while they are being treated at the facility may include:

  • Counseling solutions to target addictions and mental health problems
  • Family mediation services
  • Evidence-based practices

Westminster Rescue Mission Therapies Provided

All treatment programs that are offered by Westminster Rescue Mission mainly relies on evidence-based therapeutic services to help the patient through their recovery. The specific types of therapies offered to patients include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Mental health counseling
  • Addiction counseling

Additional services offered by Westminster Rescue Mission include case management services, work therapy, a faith-based recovery curriculum, life skills coaching, and GED mentoring.

Westminster Rescue Mission Payment Options

Patients who are in need of recovery services can visit the Westminster Rescue Mission facility to heal from their addictions even if they are not in any financial position to afford recovery. No fees are charged to the patient to utilize the professional services that are offered by this company. Patients are, however, asked to provide donations to the company once they move into transitional living and the facility helps the land a job.

Westminster Rescue Mission Accreditations

Westminster Rescue Mission does not share any specific details on their website in terms of whether the facility has been licensed with the local state authorities. We did, however, note that the company has been accredited by a national body known as CARF, which is an organization that analyzes the services provided by recovery centers and they only reward those who are able to offer high-quality care services.

Westminster Rescue Mission Amenities

Westminster Rescue Mission solely relies on donations to continue providing patients with their professional addiction recovery services. This is why the company is unable to provide patients access to an impressive list of amenities, but rather tend to focus on helping the patient heal from the damage that has been dealt with their lives by their addictions, and providing the patient with the knowledge and support that they need for a more successful recovery.

Westminster Rescue Mission Staff

The Westminster Rescue Mission provides a single page on their official website that offers patients access to limited information about the leadership team that is involved in the background operations at the company. There is a description of two staff members that provide information in terms of their experience and qualifications.
Other leadership team members are only mentioned along with their title, with no extensive details on their experience or other relevant data that patients may find useful to ensure they can know that they will be treated by professionals who are experienced in dealing with people who are struggling with overcoming their addictions. Patients should contact the Westminster Rescue Mission if they would like to know more about the treatment staff that will be providing them with psychiatric and therapy services during their treatment phase at the facility.

Carol Dreyer Bernstein – Executive Director

Carol Dreyer Bernstein has been with the Westminster Rescue Mission center since 2012 and has served in various positions, including an Associate Director and Interim Executive Director. Carol is a graduated from the Johns Hopkins University and has an M.A. in Public Policy, along with a B.A. degree in Government.

Ron Shaw – President of the Board of Directors

Ron Shaw graduated Cum Laude from the Harvard University. He is also a graduate from the University of Maryland School of Law. He is a member of the National Association of Distinguished Counsel.
Other staff:

  • Pastor Floyd Westbrook – Senior Pastor
  • Bob Passman – Recovery Program Director
  • Judi Nance – Donations Manager
  • Angela Phillips – Director of Development
  • Kaye Pike – Mission Store Manager
  • Anne Warcup – Business Office Manager
  • Harvie Combass – Food Program Director

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