Sunspire Health: Spring Hill, Ashby, Massachusetts

Trap Falls, Ashby, MA
250 Spring Hill Rd
Ashby, MA, 01431

Sunspire Health: Spring Hill Overview

Spring Hill is part of a much larger network that specializes in the treatment of substance abuse disorders and mental health conditions, known as Sunspire Health. The facility is still rather new, as it was only founded in 2012, and later decided to join the Sunspire Health network in order to expand on the services that they were able to offer the patients who come to them for treatment. The facility is located on a piece of land that measures 70 acres and sits in a quiet and relatively small town, with just 3,074 people residing as local residents in Ashby.
At Spring Hill, a large focus is placed on utilizing a holistic treatment approach to assist patients in overcoming the addictions and co-occurring disorders that they present during their admission to the facility. All staff members employed at the facility are highly trained and also appropriately experienced to ensure they can offer patients high-quality care services.

Sunspire Health: Spring Hill Housing

The facility operated by Spring Hill where patients are offered access to residential treatment services provided by the company is relatively small, but this allows the staff employed at the facility to provide individualized care to each of the patients who are being treated under their residential programs. A total of 35 patients can be treated at Spring Hill simultaneously. The majority of the rooms at the facility are private, which means patients are not asked to share their rooms with other patients that are treated at the facility. There are cases where patients may need to stay two in a room, but this is only when space in the facility is limited.

Sunspire Health: Spring Hill Treatment Options

Sunspire Health: Spring Hill is able to offer every patient an individualized experience in order to give them the care that they need to recover from the conditions that they are suffering from. There is a range of programs that have been pre-developed by the facility’s professionals in order to help understand which type of treatment each patient requires for a successful recovery.
During the patient’s stay at Spring Hill, they may be provided access to the following treatment programs:

  • Alcohol addiction program
  • Prescription pill addiction treatment program
  • Opioid addiction treatment
  • Heroin addiction treatment
  • Methamphetamine addiction treatment
  • Cocaine addiction treatment

Sunspire Health: Spring Hill Therapies Provided

All patients who are being treated at Sunspire Health: Spring Hill will undergo individual sessions with a therapist that is appointed to them during the admissions process. Additionally, patients will also become part of group therapy sessions, where a licensed counselor will assist in helping patients further recover and communicate about their progress, as well as to help patients understand how others like them have been able to overcome their addictions.

Sunspire Health: Spring Hill Payment Options

Since each patient is provided with their own individualized treatment program, the fees for treatment often vary from one patient to the next. No details are provided regarding the acceptance of insurance at the facility, but patients can inquire about utilizing their insurance benefits to undergo treatment by contacting the facility directly.

Sunspire Health: Spring Hill Accreditations

Sunspire Health: Spring Hill has received an accreditation from the Joint Commission after their treatment services were analyzed by professionals in the industry. In addition to this particular accreditation, the facility is also a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

Sunspire Health: Spring Hill Amenities

A range of amenities is provided to the patients who are admitted to a residential program at Spring Hill. Patients are able to utilize a computer in the entertainment room, as well as read books and play ping-pong. There is also a TV made available to the patients in this room. Additionally, the facility is equipped with a gym.

Sunspire Health: Spring Hill Staff

The entire Sunspire Health network focuses on ensuring all of the staff members that are part of their programs have appropriate qualifications and is highly experienced in dealing with addictions, as well as patients who are experiencing the dreadful impacts of mental illnesses. This also accounts for the Spring Hill facility, which is why only top therapists and other professional medical service providers are employed at the facility – ensuring each patient has the highest chance of success.
The company has released limited information related to their staff members on their official website. More extensive data is only available on three specific staff members that are involved in the Spring Hill facility, other members only have a name mentioned on the website, along with a title.

Eric Ekberg (MBA, CADC, LADC)
Executive Director

Eric Ekberg is a Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor with a lot of experience in the treatment of addiction disorders. He primarily specialized in the treatment of opioid dependency before he joined as a staff member at Spring Hill.

Ximena Sanchez-Samper (MD)
Medical Director

Ximena Sanchez-Sampler is a Board Certified Addiction Therapist. She completed her training in addiction treatment at the Mayo Clinic, as well as through the Massachusetts General Hospital. Ximena is highly experienced in the utilization of Medication-Assisted Treatment protocols to assist patients in overcoming opioid abuse and alcohol addiction.

Alice Lenhart (MA, Med, LMHC)
Clinical Director

Alice Lenhart has many years of experience in the treatment of mental health concerns. She is a Licensed Mental Health Clinician. Alice is a graduate from the Rivier University, as well as the Southern New Hampshire University.

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